Clavent announces TESTFEST a Global Test Automation Series, first up USA

Clavent, a global tech conferences company, has been hosting their software testing conferences across the world for the past few years in countries across the world. Considering the COVID-19 outbreak, Clavent has cancelled all their physical conferences worldwide and is hosting virtual editions of the conferences. They just wrapped up their flagship event called TESTCON 2020 VIRTUAL SUMMIT on 25th-26th September and hosted 300+ attendees and 25+ speakers from 20+ countries to discuss the disruptions and latest trends in software testing. 

Clavent’s Director mentioned: “We recently concluded our flagship event TESTCON 2020 (virtually for the first time) and hosted attendees from more than 20 countries for two days’ virtual summit. We got great feedback for the conference but also got some insights on how the conventional program structure of 8 hours/day for two days is now obsolete. There were two major lessons which helped us give birth to TESTFEST


The world has changed and so is our working styles after the COVID outbreak. The working dynamics have changed and our attention span has gone for a toss. Thus, hampering our beloved professional concept of “work-life balance” and in this new world, it’s more about “work-life integration” which is a little more challenging than the balance we’ve been seeking. 


We hosted attendees from more than 20 countries and we got feedback saying the conference designed in other time zones really makes it challenging to attend the whole conference. Especially, USA attendees for whom Indian time is completely on the opposite end, it’s a day-night difference. Moreover, the testing dynamics are very different in each region so a separate edition of a virtual conference in each country helps us bring together more relevant people and generate more relatable content.”

Considering the major insights, Clavent designed TESTFESTwhich is a series of software testing mini conferences coming up in USA, South Africa, Australia, England, Philippines, Brazil, Singapore & India with 8 hours of live amazing sessions distributed over 2 days, so the attendees get time to sink into the learnings and reflect upon it without much affecting your work schedule. The TestFest will bring together hundreds of experienced like-minded people, who seek to improve their skills to fit new market requirements and stay tuned with the latest trends! The summit will provide an excellent platform to keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends, exchange experiences, discuss and deliberate ideas and benefit from networking opportunities.

During the two days of virtual talks and discussions, attendees will discover industry secrets and gain a new cache of knowledge about the latest in Test Automation. Clavent has secured an outstanding lineup of talented thought leaders and influencers from the industry like; Calendly, Innominds, Atlassian (Trello), E*TRADE, Bridgetree, National Bank of Canada, Equinox Media, Sogeti to name  a few.

Testfest is sponsored by Innominds, an AI-first, platform-led digital transformation and full cycle product engineering services company headquartered in San Jose, CA. Innominds powers the Digital Next initiatives of global enterprises, software product companies, OEMs and ODMs with integrated expertise in devices & embedded engineering, software apps & product engineering, analytics & data engineering, quality engineering, and cloud & devops, security. It works with ISVs to build next-generation products, SaaSify, transform total experience, and add cognitive analytics to applications. Innominds delivers better quality software at breath neck speeds to its global customers leveraging its state of the art AI driven Quality engineering platform called iHarmony, that can provide up to 100x software test acceleration through intelligent automation.

The conference is set to take place on 10th and 11th of December starting 10 AM PST until 2 PM PST and will feature companies like IBM, Capgemini, 1-800 Contacts, MakeMusic, Siemens, Cisco, Toast Inc, Macys, Workday, to name a few which are participating in the conference.

For more information and to register for the TestFest USA visit 

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