August 13, 2020

CIOs Recognize Dell As Leaders In End-To-End IT Solutions At CIO Choice Awards 2016

Amidst a gathering of 400+ CIOs and ICT Business Leaders [Dell India] has been recognized with CIO L to R - Mr. Ramandeep Singh Virdi , Vice President, Group IT at InterGlobe Enterprises_ Indrajit Belgundi, Director and General Manager, EUC, Dell & Mr. Ramandeep Singh Virdi , Vice PresidCHOICE 2016 Honor & Recognition Title in Converged Infrastructure, Data Centre Consultant, Desktop Virtualization, Information Security, Laptop, Network Security, Networking –Active, Server Virtualization, Servers and Storage-Hardware at the exclusive Red Carpet Night, the only independent ICT Vendor Recognition platform – Voice of CIOs in India.

This marquee 4th Annual CIO CHOICE Recognition, focusing on companies based or operating in India, was the by far the most competitive in its history, with the highest number of nominations and entry submissions to date with a distinguished CIO Advisory. More than 150 entries were received this year, from a wide array of public and private ICT Vendor companies, both Large as well as Small & Medium Enterprises and from a variety of geographic regions in India.

Winners of CIO CHOICE 2016 were determined by an independent CIO voting survey from across the country on product performance, customer satisfaction and continued customer service. It is a recognition and validation that CIOs can trust because it is ‘By the CIO and for the CIO’. It offers the CIO community an authentic aid to finding and considering the most preferred and stable products, services and solutions. Having earned the honor to wear the CIO CHOICE logo ICT vendors will be enjoying new media campaigns and amplified CIO exposure resulting in increased sales.

CIO CHOICE 2016 Honor & Recognitions were presented in 49 categories, recognizing 26 distinct ICT Brands.

“CIO Choice trust seal is a Gold Standard and validation from the CIO community in the recognized brand as a Trusted Partner,” said Anoop Mathur, President at Centre Of Recognition & Excellence.

Dell today is innovating and expanding its enterprise offerings to customers to deliver more scalable, efficient and cost effective products and solutions to customers. Dell works closely with customers to help them move out of their existing applications to newer platforms without affecting their IT budgets.

“Dell listens and understands customers’ need for IT infrastructure that is built to handle the upcoming technology trends and meet existing challenges. This has made us the vendor of choice for CIOs from the device to the datacenter. At every step of our enterprise solutions journey, we have innovated our solutions portfolio to the point of perfection both in terms of performance and costs. We are humbled to be recognized as leaders for the fourth consecutive year in these prestigious awards and will strive to continue to build cutting-edge products.” said Sudharsan R, Commercial Marketing Head, Dell

“By being voted by CIOs, Dell has proven their expertise in specific technology areas, places them among the top percentile of enterprise ICT vendors in India” said Anoop Mathur President at Centre Of Recognition & Excellence. “When CIOs look for an IT partner to meet their business challenges, choosing a company that has trust of CIO Choice Logo is an intelligent move. It is a CIO endorsed IT brands with successful deployments at their customer ends.”

KPMG is the knowledge partner for CIO CHOICE 2016.