Factors Determining Job Satisfaction Of Employees

Job satisfaction comes with the growth and contentment one procures in the career graph. Employees have higher SONY DSCwork satisfaction if they have greater opportunities to learn and progress in terms of ranks. Higher satisfaction also comes from the company’s pay scale and the current compensation that the firm offers.

Employees look forward to working with inspirational and considerate leaders. Such professionals not only provide apt career guidance to their subordinates but also imbibe professional etiquettes in them. They act as role models for the employees and help in making the bond between management and the workers stronger.

Many companies encourage employees to acquire more advanced skills and provide trainings for the same. Time to time recognition and praise on the accomplishments and endeavours are a big motivation for the employees.

Attitude towards work and positive office atmosphere are important aspects of one’s work. Optimised working conditions like friendly co-workers, effective management, comfortable work stations, upgraded information technology, appropriate lighting, space and similar such factors also play an important role in one’s job. Unpleasant workplace environment causes lower job satisfaction amongst most employees. Hostile environment at work with unfriendly associates is a turn off for many to continue with the organisation.

Furthermore, employees are more satisfied with their current job if they are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Too much work pressure and heavy deadlines increase the stress levels and undue pressure which affects one,both on the professional as well as personal front.

Chances to earn special incentives, celebration and prizes on  and increments are some other factors that bring delight and greater job satisfaction at workplace.

 Mr Tinku Singh, Group President & CSO(Chief Strategy Office)

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