Channel Partners Gung-ho about GIGABYTE’s AMD 900 Series Motherboards

downloadGIGABYTE’s AMD 900 Series Motherboards have made a huge impact among the Indian Do-It-Yourself (DIY) PC consumers who swear by AMD chipset-based motherboards, according to IT resellers across the country. They were unanimous in their opinion that sales of motherboards in this series swelled, mainly because of their compelling features coupled with an attractive pricing, which the competing brands have not been able to offer.

The growing popularity of the GIGABYTE’s AMD 900 Series Motherboards can be majorly attributed to two in-demand models in the series – GA-990XA-UD3 and GA-970A-DS3P, felt Sumit Lundia, Director at Starcomp Infotech Pvt. Ltd, a Kolkata-based GIGABYTE Premier Partner.

“Both GA-990XA-UD3, the entry-level model among AMD 990X chipset motherboards; and GA-970A-DS3P, the entry-level model among AMD 970 chipset-based motherboards, have amazing price points compared to similar products from other brands with reference to features and utilities. This makes it very easy for channel partners to sell these two models, especially for a Kolkata reseller like me since GIGABYTE enjoys over 80% AMD chipset motherboards’ market share in the city,” Lundia contended.


Elaborating on the features of the GIGABYTE’s AMD 900 Series Motherboards, Arun Siddharth of Desh International Systems, a New Delhi-based GIGABYTE Premier Partner, said, “Just to give an example, GA-970A-DS3P comes with an in-built USB3; and Dual Channel DDR3 x 4 DIMM at an excellent price. Its popularity has in turn, helped increase the market demand for the relevant AMD processors. GIGABYTE has supported its partners by ensuring steady availability of these motherboards.”

In addition to their compelling features and pricing, channel partners feel GIGABYTE’s recent efforts to enhance post-sales service set-up have also played a significant role in the growing demand for company’s motherboards, felt the partners.

Opined Kishan Daga of Kolkata-based Marc Infotech, another Kolkata-based GIGABYTE Premier Partner, “After the full-fledged GIGABYTE Exclusive Service Center in Kolkata was opened in mid-2012, local support and services of the company have become pretty strong, resulting in an increased market share for GIGABYTE motherboards in general.”

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