Channel Partners Excited about “Enjay Tiguin Linux”-Tally Software for Linux

tiguin-videoTally is Accounting Package, which is life line of more than 90% of SME in India. SMEs are always short of budget for costly licensed Operating system and suite; hence they keep on looking for Free Open Source. For everything else they have had alternatives but not for Tally. Tally on Linux has been a distance dream, but not anymore. With Enjay Tiguin OS, Tally can be run on a Linux OS.

Many people have tried running Tally on Linux but solution was not completely usable. It’s ok to run that in their Labs, but Customers would not accept it. Enjay Tiguin OS tries to answer everything regarding Tally on Linux. One thing that the channel partners have agreed upon that Tiguin has the potential to emerge as an affordable, user friendly option for SMB who are looking for cost cutting measures.

Support Eco-System from Enjay

Mr. Devendra Suryawanshi, Director, Apex Actsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd,
Mr. Devendra Suryawanshi, Director, Apex Actsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd,

The software has been built in readiness for remote support, one click and the person is connected to Enjay Support. Support is available over Telephonic, Email and Remote platforms. Sharing his excitement, on the various features of Tiguin, Mr. Devendra Suryawanshi, Director, Apex Actsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd, says, “SMBs are spending a huge chunk of amount on buying Software license. They want to shift to Linux OS but were afraid as there is not a dedicated support system for Linux. But with Tiguin, Enjay has managed to come up with a winning solution that will do wonders for SMB sector. I was personally looking out for such an option. At Apex, we promote the product at 2 levels, firstly directly through the Tally Hardware Database and other through the Corporate Clients that have associated with us over the period of time. And yes we are expecting positive response from the corporate segment.”

User Friendly Model

Mr. Rajiv Jasani Director EERA Retails
Mr. Rajiv Jasani Director EERA Retails

Enjay tested the software in-house for 3 months before launching the product in the market. During this period the company worked on the problematic areas and worked out solutions for the same. The software is easy to install, update and maintain. Terming the software as customer friendly software, Mr. Rajiv Jasani, Director, EERA Retails, says, “Tiguin has been packaged keeping in mind the requirements of the Indian consumers. It comes in a CD format which once inserted; the customer has to simply follow the instructions. It is as good as a fast food-ready to eat. Linux is popular in India but it has not worked because of the lack of support. This has been solved by Enjay. This is quite evident in the way Enjay has uploaded the service catalogues on its website. Microsoft has increased its focus on License Compliances, this has resulted in many cases “Software cost (OS n Office suit) become more than the Computer Hardware cost So I feel Tiguin has to an extent come up as an alternate, cost saving tool for SMB sector.”

Simple and Affordable Software

In addition to their compelling features and pricing, channel partners feel Tiguin’s recent efforts to enhance post-sales service set-up have also played a significant role in the growing demand felt the partners.

Mr. Daxay Shah,CEO,  Serviz 4 u Networks Pvt Ltd,
Mr. Daxay Shah,CEO, Serviz 4 u Networks Pvt Ltd,

Summing up the reasons that will work in the favour of Tiguin, Mr. Daxay Shah,CEO,  Serviz 4 u Networks Pvt Ltd, says, “Enjay’s new solution Tiguin would allow SMEs customers to switch to Linux Operating Software, without having any business downtime, and spending on expensive proprietary software or going after pirated software. It also ensures the virus free environment & age old hardware system works seamlessly with optimum performance as well.  Enjay Tiguin provides all the applications which any business will require, along with the excellent support mechanism to use it. Enjay Tiguin includes standard business apps like Office suite, Email Client, browsers (with all plugins / add ons), and above all perfect printing support. It also supports many devices which are generally used in business place. Enjay Tiguin is nothing but – ‘One window resolution to all your questions regarding Linux’.”

All in all, Enjay indeed has a winner in hand with attractive features like Telephonic, Email and Remote Support, complete GUI working, ready to install format, readily available office apps including office suite, Email app, browsers, communications apps, etc. Kudos to Enjay !!

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