“We have plans to enter online retail space very soon” Mr. Sunil Bhan, Managing Director at E-OFFICE IMAGING SOLUTIONS

Mr. Sunil Bhan, MD, EOffice Imaging Solution Pvt. Ltd.

In this conversation with Mr. Sunil Bhan, MD, E office Imaging Solution talks about how associating with Konica Minolta has worked for the company.

Mr. Sunil Bhan, MD, EOffice Imaging Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Sunil Bhan, MD, EOffice Imaging Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Shweta: Please elaborate on your current set of Business?

Mr. Bhan:  E-office imaging Solutions (provides economical & ecofriendly imaging Solutions to society) are into imaging business and Direct Corporate Partner/Distributor of following OEM`s for Haryana State.

1 Konica Minolta A3 Multifunction devices both color and Mono.

2.Brother International India Pvt Ltd.

3.Riso Corporation India Pvt Ltd.

We are also provide MPS Solutions( Manage print services to Corporate across country) and are Planning to go online retail through www.bookmyprinter.com.

Shweta: How do you see your Konica Minolta Business growing in the future?

Mr. Bhan:  Konica Minolta has taken leadership position in Color MFD and Color Printer demand is increasing day by day. We have formulated several business strategies aimed at driving the sales of Konica Minolta further, for which we are closely working with the Konica Minolta team. We are investing both our time and money to mark our presence among customers as one of the leading solution provider who provide solutions on Konica Minolta’s offerings. Konica Minolta has helped eOffice Solution stand out as a technology-driven organization offering value-based solutions to customers. Konica Minolta will help us in Sales growth and will increase our top line and profitability.

Shweta: Which recent Konica Minolta initiatives, according to you, will ensure more business for E Office imaging Solutions?

Mr. Bhan: As a part of its channel engagement initiative, Konica Minolta has been rolling many road shows all over the country. Through this activity the customers get hands on experience with the printing machines thereby witnessing the superior quality of the printers.  Apart from this they have rolled out attractiveincentive schemes for color printers. Being a focused partner, we are part of a series of interactions with Konica Minolta which are related to services and new product engagement. Also, eOffice Solution’s latest engagement with the Konica Minolta’s marketing team will help us achieve our bottom lines easily.

The company has also started investing to create Brand awareness by giving advertisements in Leading Newspaper, Business Magazines, hoardings, etc.

Shweta:  How has your alliance with Konica Minolta helped upgrade the skill sets of your team?

Mr. Bhan: Our team are getting regular Sales and service training on Products and solutions. Most of the sales people have been trained, and we have gone ahead and hired skilled individuals trained on Konica Minolta’s specific solutions and services. Konica, on the other hand, has been very helpful in training and providing us with all the necessary documents. At the same time, it has conducted many insightful training sessions for partners across the geography, which, in turn, has helped us come up to speed as well.

Shweta: How has your association with Konica Minolta impacted your bottom line and top line revenues?

Mr. Bhan:  Our sales and profitability has increased with added Konica Minolta Product Line. This has increased our Top Line revenues. The association has helped us penetrate into unexplored areas by enabling us to do business with certain customers who were difficult to get on board. Our association with Konica Minolta has resulted in happy and satisfied customers who are ensuring repeat business through capacity enhancements and technology refresh.

Overall, the tie-up has helped us expand our customer base, and, at the same time, add value to our offerings to our customer base.

ABOUT EOFFICE Imaging Solution:

e-office solutions is known for its commitment to operational excellence, and achieving customer driven quality standards. e-office solutions is an organization built on a solid foundation of quality, trust and an ingrained desire to achieve not just customer satisfaction but complete customer delight.
Based in Gurgaon, e-office solutions is a firm specializing in Providing Photocopiers, Copier Rental and Print and Pay services(PaPS) through our wide Product Line extension of Laser Multifunction Printing equipment and Solutions.

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