January 24, 2021

Champak Raj Gurjar Has Been Elected As The First President Of FAIITA

The national IT association Federation of All India IT Associations
(FAIITA) established itself as a formal body during the second assembly of FAIITA held in Bangalore on Feb. 15 and Mumbai-based Champak Raj Gurjar, has been selected as the first president of the association.

15 office bearers have been elected to head the task to register FAIITA FAIITAas a body in Delhi, formation of by-laws, constitution and other formalities. The new elected team will work till April 2015, and re-look into the developments in first AGM meet which will be held in Mumbai.

 “we have been able to successfully form the FAIITA’s committee with its office bearers. We have manged to arrive at a consensus with the cooperation and unity of all the members of FAIITA. The new team will be working till April, 2015. As we want to register the association in next financial year. FAIITA will be a registered body in Delhi.” Saket Kapur, General Secretary, FAIITA said,

Along with Gurjar, CEO, Maxtone, who represents West region, Hari Balasubramanian from East region has been elected as Sr.Vice President and Saket Kapur from North region will be the Gen.Secy of the national IT forum. While Arun Nagraj from South region will be the treasurer. Besides them, there is a working committee of five regional VPs, Joint Secretary and three representatives from each states will also be part of the team.

FAIITA was formed to address the online pricing issue in early 2014. As it has made a lot of positive efforts to streamline this issue, the association wants to expand the gamut of FAIITA objectives and work at bigger trade issues and improve the IT channel health.

As a first step towards achieving this goal, FAIITA will become a registered body and increase the number of executive members. Currently, there are only four regional secretaries, who are addressing the issues of their local association members and taking up them with the brand owners and local bodies.