Canon Introduces 250MP Camera Sensor

Canon has recently introduced a new 250MP sensor with Canonthe resolution of 19,580 x 12,600 pixels. With such a huge resolution, Canon has created a new record. The company further claims that the sensor is capable of reading the words inscribed on an aircraft that is 18km away.

The sensor reportedly measures 29.2mm x 20.2mm (1.15 x 0.79-inches), which happens to be smaller than the sensors found on most of the 35mm digital cameras. It sports an APS-H sensor which is larger than APS-C but smaller than full-frame. This sensor size is majorly used on Canon’s legacy EOS-1D line of DSLRs. With its new sensor technology, it can take 30 times sharper videos.

Such an ultra-high-resolution sensor is usually seen in surveillance systems. Integration of the sensor on a smartphone or domestic camera would create a new world of photography altogether. However, it is likely to be used in crime prevention tools or specialized purpose cĀ and not in normal cameras.

Dr Konstantin Stefanov, a senior research fellow at the Open University’s Centre for Electronic Imaging says, “Sensors can be made bigger, but the question is why you would want them to be bigger, because as they get bigger you have more and more problems. Their large size means you can only read them once every few seconds, so they are only good for specialised applications such as astronomy or surveillance.”

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