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BYOD! How not to be the “Bring Your Own Disaster” guy -Says ESET

eset-1024x431ESET,  a global pioneer in proactive protection for 25-years, have provided tips for all workers who use their mobiles and tablets for office purpose to avoid the risk of BYOD. ESET also suggest the employees avoid being the guy who brings his own.

  • Lock your device
  • A recent survey by a phone insurer, of 1,000 adults, found that 43% of “bring your own device” users had no protection at all on their devices. Less than a third – 31% use PINs or pass-codes on their devices. 
  • Don’t share your work laptop
  • ESET research found that 46% of people with a “work” laptop shared it with others.
  • Think hard about what websites you visit on your work machine
  • One need not to think that downloading peer-to-peer or “free” software, can put your machine at increased risk of malware
  •  Don’t take home that file marked “Top Secret”
  • It is necessary that not to carry embargoed data, or financially sensitive data
  • Big data leaks caused by careless workers make the news
  • Working from home can be as bad as “bringing your own”
  • Always be careful, if you are dealing with sensitive work data, and working from home, it is better to use VPN software or other “extra” security measures
  • Don’t stop off for coffee to send work emails 
  • In a recent survey carried out by ESET, 31% of users admitted to working from unsecured public Wi-Fi networks – and in a separate survey, 7% admitted to sending and receiving work documents over public networks
  • Worried? Watch who’s logging in
  • On Google Mail, scroll down to the bottom right of the PC screen, and you can see a list of what devices and apps have accessed your account and when. If in doubt, log all of them out and change your password. 
  • Encryption isn’t just for James Bond
  • If you’ve got sensitive data on your device, encrypt it – can also encrypt in Mac, Windows and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Do not use four-year-old Android
  • One may have security challenges in this case
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