“Our emphasis on research and development (R&D) is central to our consistent growth and global expansion.”- Jane Ng, Head of Marketing – APAC, ESET

Jahnavi-  Considering ESET is one of the most well-known cyber companies all over the globe, how or what do you think is the major reason behind it?

Jane- ESET has been in the cybersecurity business for more than 30 years, where our journey first beganas a pioneer in antivirus protection. Since then, our company has evolved to become a leading endpoint security software provider trusted by companies and consumers worldwide. Our emphasis on research and development (R&D) is central to our consistent growth and global expansion. Owned by the same security enthusiasts of our first software, we are able to focus on developing unique multi-layered, cloud-augmented technologies that meet the needs of our users in a constantly evolving threat landscape. We currently have 13 R and D centres globally, where hundreds of experts are researching new innovative technologies and threats to ensure that this knowledge is incorporated into our solutions.



Jahnavi- Do you think advertising is the key to making people aware about your company? If yes, how do you focus on the advertising of your products?

Jane- We’re operating in a competitive market where there are many vendors, and buying decisions within businesses can involve many decision makers. Separately, consumers are also faced with many touchpoints prior to their purchase and will research the products before deciding to purchase them. In order to reach out to potential buyers at different stages on their buying journey, it is necessary to engage them at multiple touchpoints, including advertising our products to them.
Earlier this year, we launched an integrated campaign alongside our new brand proposition Progress. Protected, which aims to celebrate progress within technology. By raising awareness on the need to protect innovation and progress, we hope to illustrate ESET’s dedication to building a secure digital future.



Jahnavi- How did you manage to emerge into one of the most widely known companies in the world from a tiny company that ESET earlier was?

Jane- Beyond a strong product offering, long-lasting collaborations with our extensive network of channel partners have been key to our growth. We work closely with local partners to capture new business leads and opportunities, and listen to them when creating new product offerings that are suited to the local market. We also support partners with resources such as training, marketing development funds and generous incentive programmes for joint success.
Recently, ESET was once again named a ‘Cybersecurity Channel Champion’ in the Canalys Global Security Leadership Matrix, which recognises vendors who have shown continued improvement and success in channel management and performance. It’s a testament to the trust we have built amongst our large partner network. Our security solutions are currently available globally in over 200 countries and territories, and we’re still expanding.




Jahnavi- What are your opinions on the tech market at the end of the year and future predictions for you as a company and for the market?

Jane- Investment in tech will continue to rise as millions of businesses and consumers continue to live, work and play in hybrid IT environments. In India, the end-user spending on public cloud services was forecasted to reach $7.3 billion in 2022, an increase of 29.6% from 2021. While this opens up great opportunities for collaboration and engagement, it will also create an even more massive, shared threat surface and pathways for cybercrime.
Organisations are well-aware of the need to protect their organisation’s cyber resilience, and are looking to improve their security posture. In PwC’s recent survey, more than 82% of business executives in India foresee an increase in cybersecurity budgets in 2023. In particular, we have seen Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) placing a greater emphasis on cybersecurity, which will fuel demand for more comprehensive, enterprise grade solutions that provide complete protection – threat detection, prevention and response options.
In order to help our customers secure their digital environments, we will continue to invest in our local office, technical support teams and channel sales teams in India to deliver the best security solutions for their needs. As awareness of cybersecurity grows, I’m hopeful that we will see more organisations and consumers take active steps to protect their digital assets by inculcating good cyber hygiene practices and leveraging cyber protection software.



Jahnavi-What was the major aim of your company when you first started it? Do you think you have achieved it?

Jane- Since our founding, ESET has remained committed to our mission of protecting the progress that technology enables. As the Internet evolved, and cyberattacks grew increasingly sophisticated, our goal has stayed the same: to build a secure digital future for organisations and consumers globally.
Our emphasis on R&D and strong partner network have enabled us to deliver comprehensive, reliable security protection solutions that have earned the trust of millions of customers worldwide, but it definitely doesn’t stop here. As society continues to advance, securing and protecting our digital environments will have to continue to evolve to mitigate new vulnerabilities and opportunistic cyber criminals.



Jahnavi- Considering ESET’s goal is to make sure that everybody can enjoy the breathtaking opportunities that technology offers, how do you ensure to stand by this goal?

Jane– Our success over the past decades was made possible by the efforts and collaboration of the entire ESET ecosystem, ranging from our employees to our partners and customers. We will continue to invest in our R&D capabilities, in order to remain at the forefront of cybersecurity research and ensure that our product portfolio meets the needs of digital consumers and enterprises worldwide. By protecting technology, we’re able to protect the progress that will help build a better digital future.


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