mydlink SharePort Remote Access makes Your Cloud Storage as Private as it can be

D-Link_Logo_Blue_strapLots of people depend on a public cloud service for streaming their media or sharing files on their smartphone or tablet. Once uploaded to company servers, data is available on practically any device. While convenient, this public cloud storage does have a few downsides. Storage space is limited, extra capacity incurs monthly fees, and worst of all, the end-user agreement frequently allows the public cloud company the ultimate right to access the files you keep on their storage servers.

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When privacy matters just as much as convenience, there is now a new private complement to public cloud storage: D-Link’s mydlink SharePort remote access. It turns any USB storage device connected to a compatible D-Link Cloud Router into private cloud storage accessible anywhere from a smartphone or tablet with the free mydlink SharePort mobile app.

D-linkThe benefits of mydlink SharePort Remote Access are clear. All files are kept on the user’s own hardware, safe at home, so nobody else has access. This increased level of privacy is sure to be appreciated by sales professionals, researchers, photographers, bankers, real estate agents, or anyone else whose success may depend on safeguarding their data. Other advantages of mydlink SharePort Remote Access are capacity and cost. Adding more space is as easy as plugging in another USB drive, and there are no subscription fees or recurring charges. itvoice

Best of all, mydlink SharePort Remote Access is built in to many of D-Link’s newest next-generation wireless 802.11ac Cloud Routers. It’s an exclusive free feature that competing wireless routers just can’t offer.

In order to get mydlink SharePort Remote Access, a Cloud Router must first be registered with the mydlink service. This can be done during the initial setup process, or by going to A USB storage device containing the files to access must be plugged in to the router as well. Next, the free mydlink SharePort app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Movies, music, and photos can all be streamed directly on a smartphone or tablet or saved for later, which is ideal for long trips away from Internet access.

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