December 4, 2020

Beware of Malicious Attacks through WhatsApp, Says eScan

LOGOThe latest bunch of malicious mails making rounds is in form of an email which intimates the users about a pending WhatsApp Voicemail.

Since this is a social networking crazy world, the probability of users falling for these types of malwares is quite high. The voice- mail email encourages you to click on the link provided within the message into your Inbox and the email when opened displays similar text as below.


Whats App




MD5 : 1c4d9a91717747517ef1700fb259ea7c

VirusTotal : View here.

Malwr Analysis : View here. (sample shared)

Anubis Analysis : View here.

However, it is not necessary that these types of mails will redirect to a malware site, it also does a redirect to Fake Pharma in certain cases.



Whats App1


hxxp:// redirects to hxxp://

This seems to be the first time that fake pharma and malware guys are using the same template for sending emails.