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AVAR Announces Annual Conference – AVAR 2020 Virtual

~The 23rdedition of the annual conference will be hosted online~

Chennai, 30November 2020:  The Association of Antivirus Asia Researchers (AVAR) announced today that it will conduct AVAR 2020 Virtual, an international Cybersecurity conference, from 3rd to 4th December 2020 with The New Normal of Cyber Insecurityas its theme.                                                                    

AVAR is a non-profit organization with members from 17 countries and facilitates knowledge sharing, professional development, networking, and partneringfor cyber security experts and organizations. AVAR has hosted conferences every year since its inception in 1998. The 23rd annual conference will be conducted in a virtual format this year with over 1500 participants expected to attend.

2020 is now synonymous with a biological virus that has created an unparalleled health crisis and disrupted normal life across the world. It has also opened the doors to a steep increase in cyber threats as threat actors have been quick to exploit the opportunities presented by the abrupt transition to remote working, learning, and transacting.

AVAR 2020 Virtual has The New Normal of Cyber Insecurityas its theme to focus attention on the rising risks in cyber space and will feature 27 papers from experts in 14 countries and several panel discussions to serve as a catalyst for collaboration and knowledge sharing in the cyber security sector.

Commenting on the conference, Mr. J Kesavardhanan, CEO of AVAR and Founder & CEO of K7 Computing, said “At a time when the new way of life has been largely impacted by the digital space, It is now important, more than ever, for cybersecurity professionals and digital enthusiasts to collaborate and hold threat actors at bay, allowing all netizens to function without fear of cyber threats and ensure cyber peace. In this conference, AVAR is assembling the finest minds in cybersecurity to keep the world cybersafe, when our way of life is threatened like never before. I encourage all cyber security stakeholders to join us at AVAR 2020 Virtual and help set a benchmark for the New Normal in Cyber Security.”

Enquiries for sponsorships and registrations is now open at aavar.org/avar2020/.

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