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Ather Energy Introduces Halo Smart Helmet Line

Ather Energy, a prominent player in the electric mobility sector, made a significant impact at the 2024 Community Day event with the introduction of its latest innovations: the Halo Smart Helmet series and the Rizta family scooter.

The Ather Halo Smart Helmet stands out as an exceptional piece of gear, featuring state-of-the-art components such as integrated Harman Kardon speakers. This smart helmet revolutionizes the riding experience with its impressive array of features, including auto-WearDetect and wireless charging capabilities. According to reports from Car&Bike, riders can now effortlessly manage music playback and handle phone calls directly from their scooter’s handlebar, eliminating the need to interact with their phones while on the go.

One notable highlight of the Halo helmet is its ChitChat function, which facilitates seamless communication between the rider and pillion using Harman Kardon’s premium audio technology. This ensures clear communication even in noisy environments, enhancing safety and enjoyment for both occupants.

The Halo helmet boasts an impressive battery life, lasting up to a week on a single charge. Additionally, it features built-in wireless charging capabilities, allowing users to conveniently charge it wirelessly while storing it under the seat of the Rizta scooter. The wear-detect technology ensures automatic connectivity between the helmet, smartphone, and scooter, streamlining the riding experience.

Furthermore, Ather introduced the Halo Bit, a modular extension compatible with their half-face helmets. This innovative accessory enables users to transform any Ather helmet into a smart helmet, providing access to advanced features previously exclusive to full-face helmets.

Ather has priced the Halo series competitively, with the full-face helmet starting at Rs 13,000 and the Halo Bit available at Rs 5,000. However, attendees of the Community Day event were offered an exclusive 50% discount on the Halo helmet, presenting an enticing opportunity for enthusiasts to acquire this cutting-edge gear at a discounted rate.

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