ASIRT’s Discusses Systems Intergrators’ Issues On Tech Day


In the recent held Techday of Mumbai based ASIRT, Raj Saraf of Zenith Computers, an IT veteran provided insight on current state and future of IT industry. In an interactive session with the ASIRT members, he discussed issues of governance, cloud computing, vendors and how system integrators can force a change of mindset for industry, vendors and government.

Raj Saraf

Saraf also touched upon the issue of classic maintenance services and PC selling, he informed members of a rare insight and a shocking fact saying that after reverse auctions and absurd pricing, no vendor of repute is willing to touch large enterprises; what could open up floodgates of opportunities for ASIRT members given their lower operational cost.

Among other things, he was particularly severely critical of vendor practice of directly dealing with the customer who was introduced to vendor by the system integrator who is ultimately a mute spectator; sidelined and offered pittance. Raj Saraf also looked into the past of industry, how Zenith was built on principles of doing its own rather than just be a commission earner pushing vendor goods. He also shared his insight into brand-building from his Zenith days.

This was followed by a session from ASIRT gold sponsor CNVRGD on how converged and hyper-converged architecture offer customers a pay as you grow model that can scale up to build an enterprise.

There was a surprise session by one of the consortium formed by ASIRT, group of members who are collaborating are now delivering complete services to customers by partnering with other members of consortium in their specific areas of expertise they themselves do not possess. An ASIRT consortium shared their power of collaboration and how they have not only retained the customer but the amount of additional topline growth and profitability they have achieved just by delivering these extra services that are fulfilled by other members of consortium.

Finally, a session by management expert brand guru Suneel Agarwal conducted his 2 hour seminar on communications.

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