AsiaPowercom Goes Aggressive with the launch of AsiaPower Next Gen Surge Protectors

AsiaPowercom logoDesigned with high quality copper and brass contacts, these products feature USB charging sockets for smart phones and tablets

Asia Powercom, a global leader in power protection, has released the AsiaPower Surge series of protectors, which represent the next generation evolution of universal electric sockets. These surge protectors provide surge-free power for electronic equipment like smart phones, tablets, MP3/MP4 players, PSP, Powerbank, etc.

Key Features

    Surge protector with multiple sockets

    Also provides protection from lightning

    Comes with a resettable circuit breaker

    Copper alloy universal sockets

    1.8 meter power cord

    Overload & short circuit protection

    Sleek design

    USB charging for smart phones, tablets, MP3/MP4 players, PSP, Powerbank, etc.

Models with key features







Universal Sockets





USB Sockets



Max. USB charging current



Surge Protection

380 joules, 7000A

Max Load current


Continuous load rating

240V, 6A, 50Hz



Commenting on the product, Mr. Tejas Sheth, Country Manager at Asia Powercom said, “With the launch of AsiaPower Surge protectors, we have taken a step ahead in introducing new product in our product line. While PCs containing valuable data are often protected by UPSes and surge suppressors, many smart phones that contain valuable data got no such protection until now. This product comes with USB charging & universal electric sockets and its sleek design, apart from appealing to discerning users, allows them to conveniently carry it anywhere. It also provides protection from surges, lightning, overloads and short circuits.”

Price, warranty and availability

Computer Power Surge AP 22A – Rs. 599

Computer Power Surge AP 42A – Rs. 699

Computer Power Surge AP 30A – Rs. 449

Computer Power Surge AP 50A – Rs. 499

These surge protectors come with a warranty period of 1 year and are available ex-stock.