Rashi Initiates APC Day for partners, ensures best benefits

RajeshRashi Peripherals continues a partner benefitting program called ‘APC Day’, which ensures price benefits at a large scale. APC day is celebrated across India where for 24 hrs. partners are provided with best price and benefits. APC Day used to be celebrated with vendor support but since the beginning of 2013 this initiative has been taken followed by the great response that was received by the partner community. APC day celebrates a single product for a day each month. This month APC day will be held on 7th of June 2013 which creates a great buzz in the market.

Motive is to drive width biz. & touch remote areas across the country, spreading reach and knowledge of a product like UPS, which is also one of the value adds that Rashi as a distributor brings in to all its business thus helping build strong relations. 

Rashi Peripherals distributes APC-UPS & APC-Service products through its wide spread network of 60 branches across India. This works for as it a profitable deal for everyone, the vendor gets to expand its reach apart from volume business done and the partners get the benefits of comparative lower price.


Mr. Rajesh Goenka, VP-Sales & Marketing, Rashi Peripherals Pvt. Ltd. says “Rashi peripherals aims at benefitting the partners in the best possible way. This is a great way to help and achieve overall profits. This scheme is important for the partners as it provides the best price in the currently competitive market. This is the true example of the value addition that we provide to the customer on all level.”