Propalms Takes Over Pano-Logic Rights

Propalms logoPropalms has acquired the rights to provide sales and support to Pano Logic’s channel partner and customer base

Propalms, a leading provider of server based computing technology based on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Hypervisor based VDI and Enterprise remote access solutions, has announced its recent acquisition of Pano logic rights.

Pano Logic is a leader in providing zero client desktop computing. Pano Logic has an innovative desktop virtualization (VDI) hardware and software solution called the Pano System, which redefines the delivery and management of end user computing by centralizing desktop management. The Pano Logic zero client VDI platforms are a complete end-to-end solution built for desktop virtualization, simplifying the complexity in management of virtual desktops and slashing TCO by as much as 80 percent.

The heart of the Pano System is the Pano G2 Zero Client, a whole new class of desktop computing hardware.  Pano endpoints are referred to as “zero clients” because, unlike traditional thin clients, they have no CPU, no memory, no operating system, no drivers, no software and no moving parts.

Pano Zero client simply connects the peripheral input-output devices-keyboard, mouse, up to two DVI and VGA displays, and audio output, along with other USB peripherals to a virtualized Microsoft Windows desktop virtual machine and the Pano controller for VDI running on a hypervisor server in your data center.

Pano System for cloud delivers web-based computing through Google’s Chrome browser and eliminates the need for a local operating system and central processing unit. Both platforms utilize the patent-pending Pano Direct technology, which eliminates the need for costly processing power at the endpoint. This makes it possible to have an endpoint device that contains no processor, no operating system, no memory, no drivers, no firmware, no software, and no moving parts. This completely eliminates endpoint management and security breaches, while slashing energy consumption by up to 97 per cent as compared to a PC. Pano can plug and play into 99 per cent of all hypervisor infrastructures-including VMware View, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenDesktop-and interoperate with their management systems.

Vijender Yadav, Director and CTO at Propalms said “Pano Logic is a great addition to Propalms’ product portfolio. Pano Logic brings the endpoint hardware to complete the comprehensive VDI offering from Propalms. Our customers and partners now have an option to choose the VDI model that suits them best. They can go with the award winning Pano Logic zero client deployment within LAN for hypervisor based VDI or go for Propalms TSE for shared hosted desktop based VDI. Propalms OneGate gives them the required security features to access the VDI infrastructure for implementing BYOD and having remote access for roaming and mobile users.”