Sony’s latest gaming console is official: The Q handheld with an 8” screen will stream PS5 Games

Source: Sony

To make it simpler for you to play your PS5 games, Sony has officially revealed that it is developing a PlayStation portable. Its name is Project Q, and it was revealed during the PlayStation Showcase on Wednesday.

“We will launch a dedicated device that enables you to stream any game from your PS5 console using Remote Play over Wi-Fi,” PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said during the PlayStation Showcase. “Internally known as ‘Project Q,’ it has an 8-inch HD screen and all of the buttons and features of the DualSense wireless controller.”

According to a press release from Sony, the Q will sport an LCD screen capable of running games at up to 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second when connected to Wi-Fi. It will also feature the popular adaptive triggers and haptic feedback found in the DualSense controller. While specific details regarding the release date and pricing are yet to be disclosed by Sony, gaming enthusiasts can anticipate the arrival of this exciting new device in the near future.

As mentioned in the fine print of Sony’s presentation, the Q handheld gaming device requires games to be installed on a PlayStation 5 console. It is intended to serve as a companion device for your existing PS5 rather than functioning as a standalone gaming device like the Steam Deck or smartphones, or streaming games from the cloud.

However, considering Sony’s involvement in cloud gaming and the ongoing revamp of its cloud gaming service, it is possible that the Q may incorporate cloud gaming capabilities in the future. It would be unusual for Sony to exclude services that generate additional revenue.

Sony’s teaser did not provide clarity on whether the Q will support game streaming outside of home. Currently, Sony’s Remote Play feature does allow cellular connections, although it might require tethering to a phone or hotspot, as Wi-Fi has been the primary method mentioned by Sony.

Earlier rumors about the handheld device surfaced earlier this year through an Insider Gaming report. The report accurately predicted various aspects of the device, such as its reliance on Remote Play, the 8-inch LCD screen, its resemblance to the DualSense controller, and details regarding maximum resolution and frame rate. The report also mentioned that the handheld was codenamed the Q Lite, which closely aligns with the Project Q name.

Sony appears to be introducing Project Q as a response to the growing demand for mobile devices. Of course, the Nintendo Switch has been a huge hit, but with more recent competitors like Valve’s Steam Deck and Asus’ ROG Ally, there are now a variety of ways to play more contemporary games on more up-to-date technology than the Switch. Although Project Q, in a typically Sony move, has its own oddity in that it can only stream games over Wi-Fi, if you’re searching for a Sony-made means to play the most recent PlayStation games on a handheld, you might want to set aside some money for Project Q.

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