apple tv continuityTop-ranking Apple execs spent a lot of time demonstrating the new Continuity features built into the upcoming OS X and iOS platforms for the company’s PC and portable device product lines. Continuity is the broad name for a set of features that can make all a person’s devices aware of each other, so that he or she could, for instance, begin typing an email or document on an iPhone while walking and seamlessly continue on an iMac upon reaching his or her desk. Desk-bound users can also see and respond to phone notifications and even route calls and messages through their Macs.

The company described a number of Continuity features and potential use cases, but only with regard to Macs and iOS devices. Now, it appears as though Apple is planning to extend some or all of these features to the Apple TV as well.

News website 9to5mac reports that beta testers who have an Apple TV device and Mac on the same network, both running the latest beta or preview software, are seeing popup messages indicating that the Apple TV has been recognised for Continuity.

No further action can be taken, so it isn’t know what exactly is possible with the devices linked. It is most likely that in addition to productivity scenarios, Continuity will allow users to begin watching movies or listening to music on one device and then seamlessly switch over to another when they want to. It is also likely that notifications can be displayed on the big screen while a user is watching TV.

It is not known whether Apple will allow third-party app developers to implement similar functionality. It is also not known what Apple plans for the next generation Apple TV box, which has already been the subject of much speculation. The Continuity features could tie in with other rumoured features, such as voice input and recognition powered by Siri.

Apple is expected to launch OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 some time between August and October, most likely alongside new products such as the next-generation iPhones, iPads and possibly also entirely new products. Apple TV has been described as a “hobby” many times, but the device was recently promoted from being an accessory to having its own section on Apple’s online store, indicating the company is ready to treat it as a serious product division.



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