Apple Preparing to Work on Entry-Level AirPods for H1 2021

The US company is reportedly working on introducing new entry-level AirPods in 2021. These latest earbuds will be the most reasonably priced in the range and are desired to sport a similar structure to the AirPods Pro. Although, they might be stripped off high-end specifications such as noise cancellation. Apple is also working on the 2nd gen premium AirPods Pro which might see a more compressed design. The latest report suggested that the firm might be working on a novel-fangled smart speaker too.

Bloomberg cites people acquainted with the problem to report that the company is working on 2 AirPods models which is an entry-level AirPods and a replacement to the AirPods Pro which was presented in 2019. The entry-level model is wished to introduce in the 1st half of the year 2021. The inexpensive AirPods are reported to have the same design as the AirPods Pro. These low-priced AirPods might have better battery life nonetheless high-end specifications such as noise-cancellation might not be presented.


Image from Apple


The more premium 2nd-gen AirPods Pro is reported to see a more compressed structure. The company might be removing the short stem at the bottom and have a more rounded structure that fills more of the user’s ear. The upcoming AirPods Pro’s design might be alike to that of premium earbud offerings from companies like Samsung, Amazon, and Google. There hasn’t been any launch date decided for the latest Pro versions.

The report has said that the tech giant is facing problems in combining noise-cancellation, wireless antennas, and microphones into a minor frame, and the product structure isn’t finalized as of now. The Cupertino giant is allegedly looking to build the latest wireless chips for both the forthcoming AirPods variants. Luxshare Precision Industry and Goertek are desired to make the latest earbuds. As mentioned before, the report added that Apple may be deliberating the launch of a new smart speaker as well. This smart speaker would sit amidst the mini version of HomePod as well as the original HomePod.

Aside from that, the tech giant is also speculated to be working on over-ear headphones known as AirPods Studio. They are claimed to feature magnetic earcups and a reversible feature that can automatically notice left as well as a right ear to throw channeled sound. They are stated to be made of high-quality leather, provide a metal build, and have a USB Type-C port. And it is expected to launch in 2020’s November.