Apple Approves MagSafe Charger to Leave Imprint on iPhone 12 Cases

MagSafe wireless charging feature has been introduced along with the iPhone 12 series primarily this October is wished to have far-reaching advantages that the likes of Moto Mods can’t offer. MagSafe is advertised to be a game-changer for accessory makers, and a flamboyant list of magnetic cases, wallets, and chargers have been in the market. The company has naturally made the latest support page to notify users about how to use their novel gadgets in the best way possible. And among its few warnings is that the charger can leave a circular imprint on some iPhone 12 cases and accessories.

The fact that the charger can leave its imprints on iPhone 12 accessories gets a fine print reference on the company’s support page. It is especially annoying as the company had overvalued MagSafe’s competence in charging the phones while their covers on. And however, the support page has said that the latent problem is just with leather cases, a user had also shared a photo on MacRumors saying that the MagSafe charger had left its circular imprints on a silicon case in only 1 day of use. It’s only been 3 days since the iPhone 12 was accessible.


Image from Apple


The company has too cautioned users against placing things like credit cards, security badges, passport, and many more, amid their smartphones and the MagSafe charger. It has said that this could harm the magnetic strips and RFID chips that are present on the cards. The page has also revealed the new Snap-On chargers may get hot and that the software might limit charging to 80% in case of warmness.

In another predominantly damaging news for the iPhone 12 series which was introduced on 14th October, a report has claimed that some iPhone 12 units on display in a Chinese store had their paints peeled off. The report featured photos to support the claim. However, the launch of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro had a rush of people in Chinese stores on 23rd October, and the report rumored recurrent touches to be the reason for the smartphone’s awful condition.

Distinctly, one of the tipsters has said his latest iPhone 12 Pro’s glass back had cracked for no ostensible reason, nonetheless, he had received a replacement from the country. In a more recent tweet, he has also noted some scratches that were seen on demo units at a T-Mobile store.