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Apple Launches macOS Sonoma Featuring iOS-Style Widgets and Game Mode

Apple has launched macOS Sonoma, also known as macOS 14.0, injecting more iOS features into the Mac. The update includes persistent desktop widgets, an iOS-style lock screen, and a Game Mode designed to enhance gaming on Mac devices. The file size for the update is approximately 7.7GB.

Unlike previous macOS updates that typically follow iOS updates after a longer delay, Sonoma is released just over a week after Apple introduced iOS 17. This quicker release aligns more closely with the company’s ecosystem interplay. The macOS Sonoma update introduces several new features and improvements:




Apple releases macOS Sonoma, with iOS-like widgets and Game Mode - The Verge
Apple releases macOS Sonoma, with iOS-like widgets and Game Mode

1. **Persistent Desktop Widgets:** Users can now place iPhone widgets on their Mac desktops without having to install the corresponding apps. This feature brings a level of customization and convenience to the desktop experience.

2. **Updated Videoconferencing:** Sonoma features enhanced videoconferencing capabilities, allowing users to float themselves or their heads in a bubble over a presentation. This adds a playful and engaging element to video calls.

3. **iOS-Style Lock Screen:** The lock screen on macOS now resembles the lock screen on iPhones and iPads. While it features the familiar iOS design, it retains a password field instead of a number pad. The article suggests the possibility of Face ID on Macs in the future.

4. **Game Mode:** A notable addition for Mac users who enjoy gaming, the new Game Mode prioritizes game performance by allocating more CPU and GPU resources. It also aims to make wireless gaming accessories more responsive.

5. **Search Filters for iMessage:** The update introduces search filters for iMessage, allowing users to quickly find relevant messages. This feature enhances the efficiency of navigating and managing messages.

6. **Profiles in Safari:** Safari browser now supports profiles, providing users with a personalized browsing experience. This feature allows users to have separate profiles for different contexts or users, maintaining distinct preferences and settings.

7. **Support for Web Apps in Dock:** Sonoma includes support for web apps that can be added to the dock for easy access. This aligns with the trend of web apps becoming more integrated into the overall user experience.

The article suggests a seamless update process by navigating to System Settings > General > Software Update. Users can download and install the update through this pathway. It also advises users to perform the update outside of working hours to avoid potential disruptions.

In summary, macOS Sonoma introduces a range of features aimed at enhancing user experience, bringing more cohesion between iOS and macOS, and catering to specific user needs, such as gaming improvements. The quicker release of the macOS update after iOS reflects Apple’s efforts to maintain consistency and harmony across its ecosystem.


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