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Unistal to increase the strength of its partners before end of this year

702392_unistal-logo1Security firm, Unistal is planning to expand its operations across PAN India. With recently launched Protegent Antivirus and Protegent Internet Security, the company is all set to increase its partner strength to 10000 before end of this year. The company has adopted the strategy to primarily target B & C class cities.  To strengthen the confidence of the partners, the company is offering free Protegent Internet Security to its partners for his machine. This would help Unistal partners to feel and understand the product thoroughly.

Mr. Alok Gupta, Managing Director of Unistal said, “Unistal always visualize the need to think beyond the traditional Antivirus suites and provides the security software as per user needs. If you look at our Protegent range, our products offer 30 % to 60% extra features than any other product available in the market. With this new product range, Unistal would tap more partners and increase its strength to 10000 before end of this year”

The recently launched Protegent Antivirus and Protegent Internet Security provide an innovative, faster scanning engine developed specially for Windows environment. According to the survey conducted by the company, new Protegent range is robust and comparatively lighter than any other antivirus product available in the market. This new range works perfectly with even 512 MB RAM. Protegent Antivirus includes features like antivirus, antispyware, antimalware, anti phishing, active virus control, one click removable device scan, setting protection, game mode, hourly update, web control and USB block. Whereas the Protegent Internet Security apart from antivirus features also has antispam, two-way firewall, file encryption, file and folder block, personal data filter and blocks ads & website.                                        

Unistal with its new mascot “Proto” is investing heavily on both ATL and BTL activities to improve its brand image. Apart from marketing activities, the company is focusing on SMO activities. With small animated clips, featuring “Proto”, the company is trying to educate users, the new concept of antivirus products. With their tag line “Think beyond Antivirus” the company wants to highlight the urgency of essential component “Crash Proof – Proactive data recovery tool” with antivirus and internet Security products.

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