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LinkedIn Presents New Features

LinkedIn has presented new features like the addition of Stories, video calling integration, an enhanced search experience, and the ability to edit messages after 4 years. It is also reported that the company will too introduce a dark mode option as well. The Microsoft-owned company has already given out some features to some countries and is planning to make the new features available to other countries as well in the coming months.

The company announced the new features through a blog post on their official site. As per the company, the updates will be simpler to handle, will be more up-to-date, and more instinctive which will allow easy navigation and discovery.

Stories that LinkedIn has, will let its users share what is happening in their professional life without even worrying about the content which would permanently be attached to their profiles. Also, the stories will last up to twenty-four hours. This feature will be available in countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, the United States. But sooner or later it will be expanded to other nations as well.



To add any story, users can touch the circle surrounding their picture which is exactly similar to what Instagram has. After that, you have to click on the + sign on the top left corner for opening the camera. They can click any picture or record any video directly using the application or they can also upload the picture or clip from the gallery. Also, not to mention the video should be up to twenty seconds. Users can also pick if they want to add any text or stickers. Similar to Instagram, users can tag whoever they want to.

Other distinguishable features that the platform has introduced is the ability to edit and delete messages. Users can react to the message or react to the Story by using an emoji. The user can also select manifolds of chats at one time to either archive or delete or even mark those messages as read or unread. Along with that, LinkedIn has also improved the fact that users can report unsuitable messages. Plus, you can invite any person to join a current chat, while the original chat stays hidden/private.

LinkedIn proclaimed that it would further get a streamlined search like experience which will make the whole process easier for people to search about events or groups or contents. Plus, it will too include a dark mode which will come soon along with the new illustrations which will aim on being wide-ranging.