Apple Just Approved Patent For ‘iTime’ Smartwatch!

2R6F44733AM7242014We have already heard plenty of rumours that suggest Apple is launching smartwatch. Apple’s new move almost confirms the news. Apple just filed and granted patent for iTime. The rumoured name for Apple’s wearable smart watch is ‘iWatch’.

Patent document clears the design as well as functionalities of Apple’s smartwatch. Apple has mentioned about special design of straps in the patent. These straps will be prepared with GPS, WiFi, accelerometer sensor. iTime can be paired with iOS devices to share information using these embedded sensors.

Users can interrelate with watch using their paired iOS device, the watch can also warn users if watch is going beyond range of paired iPhone. Users can get iPhone’s notice on their iTime. Apple has described numerous way of how users can work together with iTime using its sensors, gestures and movements. iTime doesn’t need addition device to work.

Company is planning to launch three versions of iTime- 4.06cm (1.6-inch) and 4.5cm (1.8-inch) display. The company has planned to launch the smart watch by October. According to latest rumour, iTime might have 10 sensors. There are multiple rumours about launch date of iTime. At least now we are confirmed that Apple is really working on a smart watch. Apple has recently hired counter pro athletes to test iTime and senior sales executive from Tag Heuer to work on design of iTime.

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