A New Method Of Unlocking The Device – Digital Tattoo Announced By Motorola!

Motorola Launches NFC Powered Digital Tattoo To Unlock Moto X!

Vm2y50358AM7242014There are many researches going on when it comes to unlocking the devices. Multiple ways to unlock the device already exist including passcode, pattern, swipe, face recognition etc. Google’s Advance Technology and Project Group and VivaLnk have come up with new method of unlocking the device – digital tattoo! Google is testing this method with Moto X. User just has to touch the phone to tattoo in order to unlock it.

These tattoos use NFC to unlock the smartphone. They are now available to purchase on VivaLnk.com for $9.99 for 10 tattoos, which is approximately Rs 600

There is only one design of tattoos available to be purchased. The design is a bit weird, which looks a little like an alien. This tattoo has adhesive, which lasts for five days even during jogging, swimming, shower etc. activities. It is based on eSkin technology by VivaLnk, they’re made of flexible and thin material.

Motorola has posted a related news on their blog saying, “People find it inconvenient to unlock their phones because average person takes 2.3 sec to unlock the phone. Digital tattoos are equipped with NFC which makes it faster to unlock phone without entering password.”

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