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Leaked information about Apple iPhone 6 has a new way to attract people now as pictures of the device have also leaked online. Specifications of the phone were detailed as 11.94-cm (4.7-inch) and 13.97-cm (5.5-inch) with 1810mAh and 2915mAh batteries, respectively. The leaked pictures also show the batteries of the models.

The smaller phone was leaked last month only but this is the first time that we have grown an idea about the capacity of the battery for the iPhone phablet now. If rumours from Taiwan are to be believed then the smaller version is called Apple iPhone 6 while the larger model will be called as the Apple iPhone 6L.

The new pictures also show the display panels of both the versions. The larger model comes with a rounded corner and its display will be thinner and have rounder designs. It’s even coated with a sapphire crystal and it’s powered by A8 chipset too. On 9 September these two new iPhones are expected to be launched at an Apple media event and Apple is also busy preparing their new iPad models as well as a wearable fitness device, which will be launched at the later half of this fall.


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