An Indian Student Builds Computer Sans Hard Disk!

TH18_INVENTOR_HYBR_1760346fAfreed Islam is a student of Little Flower School, Hatigaon. He will soon be appearing for his Class X CBSE exams, which begin on 3 March. While his other classmates have been toiling hard preparing for their board exams, Afreed has been busy doing something really different, something far more remarkable, something that proves you don’t need so and so qualification to prove genius. Afreed has built his very own computer system that interestingly replaces a hard disk with a microchip.

Afreed had first conceived the idea to build the ‘Revo Book’, while he was in Class 8. Back then, owing to some issues in the system (let’s be honest, what had you been doing when you were in Class 8?) he was not successful in leading to a formidable conclusion, however, that did not deter him at all, in fact it motivated him to keep working. So much so that Afreed is now out with the prototype of the computer system dubbed Revo Book.

Revo Book comes with a dual operating system allowing a seamless use of both Windows and Linux-based software simultaneously on one device. However, contrary to usual computers, Afreed has replaced both mechanical and electronic hard disk drives here with a microchip that acts as the primary storage unit. The use of a chip he says minimises the risk of data loss or system crash.

If that was not enough, Afreed has also developed his own ReVo IX operating system that comes pre-installed on the microchip for faster execution speed. The OS also comes with a built-in firewall. Afreed has already applied for a patent for the stand alone operating system. Furthermore he is currently in talks with a German company to manufacture the computer system on a larger, commercial scale.

Source: EFY times

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