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An exclusive interview with initiator of mission Ransomfreeindia Mr. Sanjay Patolia Founder & CEO of VIBRANIUM – “Ranked No.1 Antivirus Globally”

Sanjay Patolia, Founder & CEO, Vibranium
Sanjay Patolia, Founder & CEO, Vibranium

IT Voice: What inspired the establishment of Vibranium, and how has the company’s mission evolved over time?

Sanjay: “Our journey began uniquely. In 1999, I began my career as a Field Engineer and later ventured into a successful distribution business in Gujarat. However, in 2014, I observed a significant shift in the digital landscape, where cybersecurity and data protection became increasingly vital. It was in that year when Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the global demand for cybersecurity technology, making cybersecurity a pressing concern not only for India but for the entire digital world.

His call to action and challenge to create innovative cybersecurity solutions in India deeply resonated with me. This moment inspired Vibranium, and we embarked on a mission we call #ransomfreeindia. Our goal is to contribute to a future where India is safeguarded against cyberattacks and ransomware threats. Our journey has evolved from being a business venture to a noble cause. We are committed to ensuring the safety and security of every Indian citizen in an increasingly interconnected world. Vibranium’s mission is driven by a sense of responsibility, and we aim to make India a cybersecurity resilience beacon.”

IT Voice: Could you highlight a recent milestone or achievement that demonstrates Vibranium’s growth in the cybersecurity market?

Sanjay: “Certainly, I am immensely proud to share a recent milestone that underscores Vibranium’s remarkable growth in the cybersecurity market. On September 17, 2021, a date chosen to honor the birthday of our esteemed Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, we officially launched our first two products. In just two years since our inception, we’ve achieved a significant milestone by amassing over 4 Lakh active users and partnering with over 15 thousand channel partners across India. This remarkable success is a testament to the trust and confidence channel partners have placed in Vibranium. It also highlights the quality and reliability of our highly advanced cybersecurity products and our proactive approach to technical support. This accomplishment underscores our commitment to not only offer cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions but also to establish a robust and supportive network of partners across the country. It’s a significant step in our mission to fortify India’s cybersecurity landscape and enhance its security and resilience.”

IT Voice: What are Vibranium Antivirus’s plans for expanding its presence and reach in the cybersecurity market in the coming years?

Sanjay: “Our strategy for expanding Vibranium Antivirus revolves around two core principles: innovation and collaboration. We are dedicated to continuous research and development in technology to stay ahead of the emerging threat landscape. Our objective is to integrate innovative solutions into our products that guarantee top-tier cybersecurity.

Equally significant is our focus on collaboration. We aim to partner with as many channel partners as possible, empowering them through training and resources. We view them as the heroes safeguarding our customers’ data and cybersecurity using Vibranium. We envision Vibranium as an essential component of their business and overall well-being. In our first two years, we successfully trained over 6,000 channel partners in more than 80 cities across India. These training sessions have showcased the innovative features of Vibranium and raised awareness of how they can better serve their customers in the fight against cyberattacks. Looking ahead to September 2024, our target is to train an additional 8 to 10 thousand more cybersecurity warriors. Our strategy is clear: drive product innovation and uphold an ethical and transparent channel policy to enhance business and market expansion together.”

Anita P, CFO Vibranium with Sanjay Patolia
Anita P, CFO Vibranium with Sanjay Patolia

IT Voice: What are the key technologies or strategies that set Vibranium Antivirus apart from its competitors?

Sanjay: “I’m extremely excited to address this question. Before creating Vibranium, I accumulated over 15 years of experience in the field, during which I evaluated numerous antivirus products. My passion for technology led me to closely scrutinize almost every product available in the market. What I discovered were several common issues among these products. Some were overly resource-intensive, impacting computer performance. Others struggled with detection accuracy, complex user interfaces, or subpar technical support. It was at that point I recognized the potential for improvement.

I take immense pride in our team’s accomplishment of introducing the first ‘Made in India’ antivirus product that stands out in the global cybersecurity landscape. Vibranium is the fastest, smallest, strongest, and simplest antivirus available, substantiated by its ranking as the number one product in performance tests and its 100% accuracy in malware detection. Our mission is to make India ransomware-free. We firmly believe in fostering a culture of innovation and technological advancement, welcoming those who can contribute to making Indian citizens digitally secure. What sets Vibranium apart from the competition is not only our technology but also the results we’ve achieved. With more than 4 Lakh active users across India, we’re immensely proud that there hasn’t been a single reported ransomware attack from Vibranium users. This is a testament to our commitment to providing superior protection compared to any other solution on the market.”

IT Voice: Are there any upcoming innovations or advancements in Vibranium’s Cybersecurity solutions that you can mention?

Sanjay: “Certainly, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve recently introduced a groundbreaking product in the cybersecurity landscape: ‘VIBRANIUM BEYOND Security.’ This innovative solution sets a new standard and is unparalleled by any existing product in India. Furthermore, we are committed to continuous development and self-improvement. In the near future, we plan to launch a corporate network console solution, and several other products are currently in the pipeline, all designed to further enhance the digital security of our users. Stay tuned for more exciting innovations from Vibranium!”

IT Voice: How does Vibranium prioritize delivering user-friendly experiences in its antivirus products?

Sanjay: “Our philosophy at Vibranium is simple – users seek solutions to their problems. In any industry, not just antivirus, consumers are often not concerned with the intricacies of a product or brand; they are focused on finding solutions to their specific problems. That’s why we prioritize user-friendly experiences. Vibranium is not just another antivirus; it’s the simplest antivirus product in the world. We’ve designed it with a user-friendly, easy-to-understand interface. Our approach is all about simplicity and automation, achieved through the integration of artificial intelligence and data science. This helps us understand a user’s environment, patterns of use, and daily activities, enabling us to create a ‘Zero Trust’ atmosphere around their data with zero complications. Our emphasis on user-friendliness and innovation is what sets us apart.”

IT Voice: Can you provide insights into the customer support and assistance options available to Vibranium Antivirus users?

Sanjay: “Certainly, we offer customer support from 9 AM to 9 PM on weekdays and from 10 AM to 7 PM on weekends and even holidays. We provide a toll-free number as well as WhatsApp chat support for both customers and channel partners.”

IT Voice: What in your opinion, are the most critical cybersecurity threats today, and how is Vibranium addressing them?

Sanjay: “In today’s digital world, data is the most precious asset for everyone, and the protection of data and privacy has become increasingly critical. The dark side of the cyber and internet world is more ominous than one might imagine, with dark horses and unethical hackers ever ready to launch attacks. In my opinion, the most critical cybersecurity threat today is ‘Ransomware attacks.’ They are particularly concerning because they can take on new patterns and processes with each new attack, making them highly unpredictable.

At Vibranium, we are not content with traditional antivirus technology. We’ve taken a significant step forward by introducing a groundbreaking offline real-time threat detection technology known as ‘Blue Dome.’ Blue Dome has the capacity to identify, block, and neutralize any form of malware attack – be it past, present, or future – without relying on samples, signatures, or definitions. This technology enables us to establish a ‘ZERO Trust’ algorithm around your data, ensuring that threats are eliminated before they can harm your information. We’re fully committed to staying ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape and providing our users with the highest level of cybersecurity protection against ransomware and other malicious attacks.”

IT Voice: What does “revolution” mean to you?

Sanjay: “Revolution, in my opinion, is a movement aimed at driving significant and positive change to improve people’s lives. Throughout history, we’ve witnessed various types of revolutions, including political, social, economic, and technological. These revolutions all share a common purpose: identifying critical and complex problems within society, a country, or a larger group of people and providing simple solutions to make their lives more comfortable, better, and safer. In the realm of cybersecurity, experts regularly offer advice on how to protect against cyberattacks. However, these recommendations can often be complex and difficult for the average user to implement. We can’t expect every user to be a cybersecurity expert. Therefore, the real revolution lies in providing a straightforward and user-friendly product capable of enhancing security without disrupting their daily routines. It’s about making cybersecurity accessible to all, and that, in my view, is a true revolution.”

IT Voice: Where do you envision Vibranium in the next five years, and what are the company’s long-term goals?

Sanjay: “Our vision for Vibranium over the next five years is exciting and ambitious. We are on a mission to make India a ransomware-free country, with a strong focus on channel empowerment. In our first two years of existence, we’ve already served more than 4 lakh users across India. Looking ahead, in the next two years, we aim to reach out to at least 4 to 5 million individual citizens across the country. Our long-term goals are even more far-reaching. Over the course of the next five years, we envision Vibranium becoming an integral part of the businesses of more than 50 thousand channel partners. We aspire to be a global game-changer in the cybersecurity world, delivering innovative solutions and fostering a culture of digital security not just in India but worldwide. Our commitment to empowering channel partners and protecting the digital lives of individuals and businesses remains unwavering.”

IT Voice: Can you share one strategic initiative or development that embodies Vibranium’s vision for the future?

Sanjay: “Certainly, one strategic initiative that perfectly embodies Vibranium’s vision for the future is a pilot project we’ve initiated in Gujarat. This project showcases our dedication to empowering channel partners and strengthening IT channel associations. In this program, for every activation of Vibranium product by a channel partner, the company contributes a certain amount of rupees to the respective association to which that partner belongs. This contribution serves as a moral responsibility and a fraternity contribution to unite and strengthen these associations without impacting the channel partners’ profits. The initiative has been well-received, and both partners and associations have joined hands to grow and prosper together. It illustrates our commitment to building a stronger, more united channel partner network and fostering collaboration within the IT community.”

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