The scalable AI service helped businesses handle a large number of customer queries flowing in – Amit Gandhi, NovelVox, Full interview

Amit Gandhi, Founder of Novel Vox

Amit Gandhi, Founder of Novel Vox

NovelVox is a software product house, which has been operating in the contact center industry for more than a decade. Founded by young and tech-savvy entrepreneur Amit Kumar Gandhi in 2008, the company offers tools to integrate an industry’s core applications, thereby offering a solution that is optimized for any specific industry segment. Below is an excerpt from a recent interaction with Mr. Amit Gandhi, Founder of Novel Vox covering various topics related to the industry.

Prateek: How has the consumer contact space changed in last year?

Amit Gandhi: In one sentence – consumer contact space has undergone complete digital transformation. Consumers are using digital platforms to connect, learn or shop and embracing digital commerce. People are keen on receiving value-based services backed by convenience and availability from brands. Cloud technologies, self-service, and omnichannel engagement are the heroes, revolutionizing customer service and experience during the pandemic and post it.

The pandemic phase was challenging for contact centers with on-premise solutions that instantly failed to switch to cloud technology immediately. But it gave a new life to self-service. Consumers approached self-help in every available form including, access to Knowledge Base, IVR, chatbots. Artificial Intelligence with Machine learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) made life easier for consumers and businesses, delivering a personalized experience. Additionally, the omnichannel customer engagement increased consumer satisfaction allowing brands to connect with consumers in real-time across channels.

Prateek: Please tell us about the technologies used in the customer contact gap in the last year dominated by the pandemic.

Amit Gandhi: Digital technology acted as a lifeline for the world during the pandemic, offering new directions to work, shop, do business, interactions, and more. This has shifted the consumer & business approach from reacting to the situation to approaching the future with better preparation that revolves around – the optimum usage of AI and cloud technology.

Contact center on-floor services extended to work from home by quickly adopting cloud-based services and increased engagement across digital channels.

Prateek: What sectors took the customer gap solutions actively and what sectors can use the solutions?

Amit Gandhi: All B2C industries with CX as the key deliverable scaled up quickly to these solutions for resiliency. Banking, credit unions, retail, eCommerce, etc. were the early birds. But now, all sectors are reconsidering digital transformation strategy for long-term adoption. The quick implementation was to make business sail through a hard time. But now the strategy needs to be incorporated in the plan for improved and continued CX.

Prateek: A lot of the executives and agents are/were working from home during the time. How mobile-based solutions have helped in the challenges faced by the industries?

Amit Gandhi: Moile – enabling remote – connecting field/remote agents(desktop workforce immediately started over mobile) – a critical catalyst in moving to work from home, not just agents

Mobile-based solutions played a critical catalyst in moving the desktop workforce to start over mobile from home immediately. Not just on-floor agents, mobile solutions connected field/remote agents too. It simplified life for the once involved in vaccination drive, eCommerce agents delivering food and other orders in remote areas, etc. Mobile-based solutions enable agents to carry out similar functions from home as they did at the office. The integrated solution empowers agents to deliver a personalized customer experience without getting into the struggles of VPN, mixed conversation content, hours of installation, etc.

Prateek: How significant has been Artificial Intelligence technology in the adoption and disbursement of these solutions?

Amit Gandhi: When businesses were choked with numerous customer queries, AI did it a bit exceptionally well. The scalable AI service helped businesses handle a large number of queries flowing in. A good 38% of call volume reduction was observed. NLP helps understand every query intent and pitches relevant solutions, freeing agents to do more complex tasks. Deep learning helped create knowledge graphs to have more mature answers for common business queries. Now AI support is accessible across digital channels to improve CSAT.

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