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Amazon reveals a ‘$20 billion strategy’ for India

Amazon is aiming to achieve $20 billion in merchandise exports from India by 2025, intending to accomplish this goal by onboarding thousands of small sellers on its e-commerce platform. The company sees significant demand for “Made in India” products and plans to scale up its operations. Bhupen Wakankar, Director of Global Trade at Amazon, mentioned the strong interest from entrepreneurs and highlighted the demand for Indian organic health supplements, homeware items like bath towels and jute rugs, and robotic games for children, especially in anticipation of the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale. The Black Friday Cyber Monday sale is an 11-day shopping period starting on November 24 globally.

Amazon Global Trade, the company’s business-to-consumer (B2C) exports platform launched in 2015, has witnessed growing traction in India. Over 100,000 small manufacturers have been added to the platform to sell various products to international customers. Many of these sellers are first-time exporters, and some have transitioned from corporate jobs to start e-commerce exports. According to Wakankar, these small exporters, who previously lacked access to global markets, have experienced an annual business growth of 70% through the e-commerce platform. Amazon provides logistical support and access to its vast customer base, including over 200 million Amazon Prime members worldwide.

In addition to its export plans, Amazon has also announced a partnership with Hyundai to sell cars online. This initiative allows users to purchase a car online and choose between picking it up or having it delivered by their local dealership.

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