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Amazon India knocks off 500 employees , various verticals to be impacted

Amazon lays off its employees globally , impacts India too

Amazon is seen to be reportedly cutting off jobs globally as well as in India with 500 employees losing their jobs. The impacted employees are spread across different businesses including Amazon Web Services (AWS) , human resources and support functions. The report suggests that these layoffs are a part of additional job cuts announced by Amazon CEO Andy Jassy in the month of March. Andy mentioned that these layoffs will impact around 9000 employees around the globe.

This is the second round of job cuts seen across Amazon worklets especially in Tier-2 cities like Lucknow and Kochi where certain seller onboarding operations have been cancelled , also it is to be noticed that why these are the second round of cut offs in jobs as the first round which was previous month had laid offs from its cloud computing and human resources divisions.

Amazon spent a significant portion of the previous year adjusting to a significant slowdown in e-commerce growth as customers returned to their pre-pandemic habits. According to sources, Amazon’s e-commerce business in India has seen growth slow down, highlighting the country’s difficult market conditions. As part of its larger layoffs in April, Amazon.com Inc. laid off approximately 100 video game division employees, affecting employees at Prime Gaming, Game Growth, and the company’s San Diego studio.

As a result of global technology giants’ mass layoffs, tens of thousands of people have lost their jobs in the last six months. Companies like Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Twitter have recently laid off employees or stopped hiring because of slow consumer spending, higher interest rates, and rising global inflation.

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