Amazon Alexa Updates

The Alexa Auto Mode feature has been introduced in the country which will allow the users to augment their in-vehicle experience by letting them effortlessly navigate, remain connected, and be amused while driving. The new-fangled feature can work on Amazon Echo Auto systems and connects with users’ smartphones and uses their screens to show information. The modern development puts Amazon Echo Auto commensurate with Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay. The firm has said that the Auto Mode entails 4 screens and a menu bar that will permit users to quickly switch between them.

It works in conjunction with Echo Auto and it supports Alexa auto accessories. It lets users circumnavigate, talk, and play songs or videos while driving which is similar to an Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It also uses the smartphone’s screen and changes it into a source to display data across 4 different screens. In addition to it, there is also a menu bar that consents users to rapidly switch between screens, finally augmenting in-vehicle voice experience finer.

As per Amazon, the Auto Mode is designed in such a way that it can help you to remain focused on the road with no hassle in reading the visuals. There are large touch targets, instinctive features, and shortcuts for the most common interactions with Alexa. It is used in the vehicle to navigate to saved places, placing calls to contacts and Alexa devices, and playing current media.

This Auto Mode feature will be released to both Android and iOS systems in the coming weeks. Also, it will be available in India, the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.


Image from Amazon


1. Home Screen:
It provides 1-touch access to a driver’s recurrent actions which have different shortcuts to play and pause recent source of the music, steer to different destinations, and to make a call. A simple tap on the shortcut starts the action or the driver can easily use voice command to regulate it. To give an instance, if the driver says Alexa, plays their songs; Alexa will listen to the command and will start playing the music.

2. Navigate:
It provides access to places stored in the Alexa application. After you are done choosing a particular place to visit, the Auto Mode feature will open a favored navigation application such as Google Maps or Apple Maps (depending on which system you use), and it will begin navigating.

3. Communicate:
It also allows drivers to effortlessly place a call, or make an announcement to their Alexa systems. The company has said that drivers can ask Alexa to start or begin the action, and the auto mode will read a list of lately placed calls. Also, you can let your family or friends know that you are out somewhere by placing a drop in.

4. Play:
Mode also keeps users amused while they are driving. It shows that the Alexa device can play any latest media. Drivers can pick any song to play on the Now Playing screen.