PUBG Encountered with Denial-of-Service Attack

The mobile team of PUBG has shared via the company’s social media accounts that PUBG has encountered with distributed denial-of-service attacks. The result of it is that it has caused some players to disconnect from the game. After acknowledging the problem, the PUBG team has shared that it is trying to resolve this matter as fast as possible. In addition to it, the team has also stated that there is going to be a launch of a new anti-cheat patch. Until then, more security teammates have been assigned to stop hackers from creating any more troubles.

The development is shared on famous social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Discord.

The community team of PUBG has said that they are presently encountering DDoS attacks against their systems which are making their users disconnect the game. Fortunately, the team took immediate action and they are working closely with local Internet service providers to solve the problems. The company is also aiming to bring back the usual gaming experience to its users within a short span of time.


Image from PUBG

According to the most recent tweet from the PUBG’s Mobile team, they are still figuring out how to stop the attacks against PUBG’s systems and they are also finding out new hacking issues. Although, the company is not expecting any timeline for its users to find a good outcome of this problem.

Furthermore, the company went to Facebook and discord to share the security patch which is going to be released in the coming days. The team has also said that the company follows a 0-tolerance policy against hackers and cheaters.

Although the mobile gaming company was banned by the Indian government in September and was removed from all kinds of play store. It was listed as one of the 118 apps to be banned by the government. After looking at the condition, the subsidiary of bluehole proclaimed that the video gaming service will no longer provide the rights to Tencent games to publish the game in the country. Nevertheless, as per a recent report, the structure of the new owner is not likely to change things instantly because of the game’s violent nature.