Google Calendar Updates

The Google Calendar is going to get Tasks integration in its Android as well as in iOS applications. Present-day, users can make and see tasks in Google Calendar from their smartphones too. Earlier it was limited to the Web. Tasks will be axiomatically synced in both desktops as well on mobile. This feature is upspringing to all the users with private Google accounts and also to those who use G Suite. Although it can take 2 weeks to reach all users.


Image from Google

Google has said that adding tasks will keep “to-dos” noticeable and it will assign time for you to achieve it. The company released the separate Tasks application for Android as well as for iOS systems in 2018’s April. The same is going to integrate for tasks with Calendar on smartphones.

Users can use this feature even without uploading the Tasks application on smartphones. It will be available by default on Google Calendar after it has been released in the device. If you want to add a task to your calendar, you have to click on the create button which is present on the bottom right and then select Tasks which is located below Goal and Reminder. From there you can also add a title and description, and even alter the linked Gmail account.

The created tasks can be found in the calendar’s side panel and the Tasks application. It can also be removed by marking the task as completed or you can simply delete it too. There is also an option of hiding the tasks by switching off Tasks which is present under the My Calendars tab.

Google broadcasted that Calendars will soon display personal events in users’ work calendars. In this way, it will help the users to schedule their work better around commitments. It also noted that personal events will stay private and will not be visible to those who have an access to a user’s work calendar.