Amazfit’s premium Falcon smartwatch has launched in India at Rs. 44,999

Amazfit, a well-known fitness company, has introduced a new smartwatch to the market. Amazfit has introduced its most expensive and sophisticated smartwatch in India. The company primarily targets budget and mid-range customers. The latest product from the company, the Amazfit Falcon, was made with military-grade components. Along with compatibility with six satellite positioning systems and built-in GPS, the watch also has the ability to input route files for real-time navigation via the Zepp App.

Launched for Rs. 44,999, the Amazfit Falcon will be made accessible on the Amazfit website starting on December 3, 2022. Preorders for the Amazfit Falco will be accepted from December 1 to December 3, 2022.

Titanium unibody of the aircraft-grade TC4 variety makes up the Amazfit Falcon. It has a sapphire crystal glass screen that has withstood 15 military-grade tests and is corrosion-resistant. The watch offers more than 150 built-in sports modes, including Triathlon for powerful athletes and high-speed water activities like Kite Surfing. The company asserts that Sports mode data will stay on-screen throughout a user’s activity, eliminating the need for the user to manually wake up the display to monitor their activity. Additionally, you can store music on your watch and use Bluetooth earphones to listen to it.

The Amazfit Falcon introduces the brand-new AI-powered Zepp Coach, a self-created smart coaching algorithm that offers personalised advice based on the user’s physical characteristics and level of exercise experience, assisting them in enhancing their sporting performance and forming better fitness habits. The Zepp Coach can detect overtraining and modify the intensity of prescribed exercise routines accordingly—or even suggest a rest day—to help users train effectively.

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