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Altair Named Overall Leader in Latest ABI Research Report

Altair Hailed As Top Innovator In The Manufacturing Data Analytics Sector

Altair (Nasdaq: ALTR), a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI) was named the overall leader in the manufacturing data analytics sector in the latest report by global technology intelligence firm ABI Research for advanced data collection, normalization, and analytics capabilities. The report evaluated 10 data analytics vendors that enable industrial and manufacturing firms to proactively monitor their equipment and optimize their operations with the use of data analytics.

The report emphasizes Altair’s platform versatility and depth. “These breadths of input allied with a huge array of modeling techniques mean customers can fully understand their operations,” the report stated. “Furthermore, the wide variety of options to display and share data mean Altair can entrench its solutions in helping customers resolve operational issues.”

“We are proud to be acknowledged by ABI Research as a leader in manufacturing data analytics, which enables enterprises to leverage operational data from the shop floor to the top floor with our comprehensive self-service analytics and machine learning platform,” said James R. Scapa, founder and chief executive officer, Altair. “With our deep expertise and understanding of manufacturing complexities and machine learning, we have developed solutions to easily build analytical applications with our low-code platform that supports faster, more effective decision making.”

ABI Research determined rankings by evaluating organizations on their solutions’ and platforms’ capabilities in the following areas:

  • Data collection
  • Streaming analytics
  • Data normalization
  • Core analytics
  • User experience
  • Commercial success
  • Time to value

Altair has more than 30 years of experience collecting and working with manufacturers’ data. Altair’s capabilities encompass digital twins, high-performance computing, data analytics, product life cycle management software, and IoT projects. To learn more about Altair’s manufacturing data analytics solutions, visit https://altair.com/manufacturing-analytics

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