“Aditya Infotech Ltd is an exclusive distributor for our entire security range portfolio in India.”Mr. Dugho Kim, Representative & Vice President, Hyundai Corporation,India

Mr. Dugho Kim, Representative & Vice President, Hyundai Corporation, India

Shweta) What is the surveillance & security industry size in India? What is the size of the market you are eyeing at present?

Mr. Kim) The Indian electronic security market is estimated to be US $ 450 million and will grow at an annual rate of 25% over the next four years. With rapidly increasing urbanization, economic liberalization and criminal activities at different levels of the society, there is a clear need to deploy and upgrade the security infrastructure to more modern and sophisticated equipment across the country.

Hyundai has forayed into

Mr. Dugho Kim, Representative & Vice President, Hyundai Corporation, India
Mr. Dugho Kim, Representative & Vice President, Hyundai Corporation, India

the market with security solutions range that includes a wide variety of analog cameras in the VUMAX range with High Definition advanced features. The Digital Recorder range, PROMAX, includes multiple variants with upto 16 channels that are designed to provide high quality images while conserving storage and network capabilities. All products in this range have been developed as per the Indian environment and conditions keeping in mind local asset or vertical requirements. Hyundai seeks to create a climate of confidence by contributing to the safety and security of people, transportation in India .

Shweta) You have entered into a distribution agreement with Aditya Infotech. Do throw some light on your Go-To-Market strategy?

Mr. Kim) Aditya Infotech Ltd is an exclusive distributor for our entire security range portfolio in India. AIL has the strong team of more than 550 sales, technical and solution experts and support professional in more than 45 cities of India, catering to 6000 system integrators and channel partners. Aditya team is committed to aggressively promote and distribute our products and solutions in India.

Shweta) Which are the growth verticals/ areas you wish to focus?

Mr. Kim) Hyundai surveillance solutions are best suited for any vertical from smaller to large application in India. Given an unsecured environment in India, there is a need of security solutions in all verticals. We are completely equipped at providing world-class security solutions, tailored according to the requirements of the customers. Our experts at R&D team are delicately developing security solution for the ever growing needs of the Indian market.

Shweta) How do you see the Real estate (coming up of new societies) as your customer?

Mr. Kim) Real estate sector is thriving in India and with that, growing are the Security and safety concerns among residents, offices and commercial places. Parks, gyms, parking area, elevators and many such places inside the buildings require constant monitoring for the safety of residents. In fact, Real estate is also seeing increased adoption of surveillance solutions to ensure safety.

Most of the building and construction companies are opting for better safety and surveillance equipment, which makes real estate a potential consumer for us.

Shweta)  How do you see the Govt. vertical as your customer? How strong are they in implementing Surveillance solutions?

Mr. Kim)  Various incidents at the domestic and international level have created a growing need & understating of high-end security and surveillance solutions in the Government. The Government has become more aware and cautious about public safety & security after unfortunate incidents and has started allocating funds towards various city surveillance projects. We have noticed a rapid growth and demand of intelligent surveillance solutions public areas, transportation and other areas of concern. We are equipped with our surveillance solutions to deploy at different places to create a safer environment.

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