December 4, 2020

90% Jio users opted for Prime, most ready to continue

Around 90 per cent of Reliance Jio users are estimated to have subscribed to its promotional Prime membership plan, as per a report by Bank of America Merill Lynch.
Around 76 per cent are ready to continue using Jio’s service once the promotional period ends, it added.
“80 per cent of users have only one Jio SIM…90 per centare Prime members, 84 per cent claim to have paid Jio the monthly top-up as well,” the report said.
It said 84 per cent of these Jio users have paid monthly top-up with majority of them choosing Rs 303 or Rs 309 pack.
Jio is offering 1 GB of 4G data per day and unlimited voice calls under Rs 303 and Rs 309 schemes.
“Interestingly, we note that only 5 per cent of surveyed users are using LYF phones with 40 per cent and 7 per censusing Samsung and iPhone respectively,” the report said.
BoFAML conducted a survey of around 1,000 users mid-June who were using Jio as a primary SIM to better under stand consumer perception and usage after end of its free service.
“We note that these users are not a representative of the-entire market as this was an online survey targeting mainly mid-to-high end users and these users are predominantly using Jio as primary SIM,” the report said.
Around 68 per cent of the surveyed Jio users said that they have negotiated with their incumbent telecom operator sand have got around 10-40 per cent cheaper tariffs.
BofaML said a partial impact may be felt in the up coming quarter on incumbents but the overall magnitude would not be high.