’75 Per Cent Android Apps Will Run On Nokia X Without Any Modifications’

Truecaller-Nokia-XNokia has made the biggest news of MWC 2014 by launching its latest Android based smartphones Nokia X, X+ and XL. This is the first time Nokia has adopted Google’s Android. However, these smartphones will not feature Google Play Services and by extension won’t have access to the Play Store. However, rest assured, for Nokia has made it clear that around 75 per cent of Android applications will be able to run without any modifications on the new device.

Nokia has now begun rolling out the Nokia X Services SDK to developers and the official SDK page is certainly quite an assuring sight for one and all. Nokia’s newly launched app compatibility analyser lets developers check if and when any modifications are needed for their apps. The Nokia X is built on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), version 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Nokia insists it has made very few alterations to the AOSP for its new smartphone. What it necessarily means is that most of the existing Android apps should work fine on the Nokia X without a hassle. Meanwhile, Nokia is “looking for Android developers that already have an app and are after a boatload of new consumers.”

Developers can simply drag and drop their standard Android Application Package Files (APKs) into the Nokia Store. Nokia will then scan the app for compatibility. Most apps won’t need to change a thing, says Nokia. Meanwhile, the Nokia X family of devices will be receiving a SwiftKey predictive keyboard for free. SwiftKey will also arrive with support for SwiftKey Cloud.

Source: EFY Times

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