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UPS with Touch LCD Panel in India

PowerSafe 600VA UPS with Touch LCD Panel


PowerSafe introduces its 600VA UPS

Kunhar Peripherals Company’s new UPS has a LCD screen which is touch responsive. The LCD panel makes knowing the status easy to consumers. At the launch event of PowerSafe UPS, Mr. Bharat Mehta, Head PowerSafe Division said, “Customer Satisfaction is the most important for us. The LCD panels are present in most of the higher UPS for ease of functionality & monitoring. We introduced the same for the 600VA UPS targeted towards the Home, SOHO & small businesses as we thought that they should also have the option to choose & have control.”

The UPS is not only capable to handle the load as well as its screen will allow users to know more about it. It has 4 modes including

  1. Input Voltage
  2. Output Voltage
  3. Charge Level
  4. Load Level.

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