5 features of your smartphone you probably have never heard of!

The world has moved from using only calling and messaging service on cellphones. With the technological evolution, smartphones are coming with tons of new features everyday. Smartphones have already replaced the feature phones in the market.

 Smartphones are used for web browsing, entertainment, productive task using few apps on the smartphone, setting up voice alarm for pizza, even interact with the smartphone using voice. Users tend to like lot more productive use than just using the smartphone of instant messaging and social media sites.

 A smartphone can do plenty of productive tasks that make day-to-day lives simpler. Today we have listed 5 such things that smartphone can do but you are unaware of this hidden feature of your smartphone.

 1. Fights Cancer

download (3) Smartphone users can download the free app called Samsung power sleep to donate the computational power of mobile device to fight against Cancer. The application analyzes the data and uploads results to researchers.


2. Infrared Light Detection

download (4)A smartphone’s camera come with a sensor that detects IR radiations. A naked human eye cannot detect the Infrared light but smartphone’s camera can do. You can test this by using TV set’s remote in front of a smartphone camera. You will find a white IR radiations coming out of TV remote.


 download (5)With this function, you can connect your USB flash drive with Android smartphone. USB OTG stands for USB On-The-Go. But to use this function, you need USB OTG adapter and supporting hardware in the device.

4. Microscope

 download (6)Did you know that your smartphone’s camera can act as a microscope? Simply put a drop of water on smartphone’s camera, the drop will act as separate lens and it will magnify any subject that comes in front of camera lens of a smartphone. It is good kind of microscope for amateurs.


5. Remote Camera Control Via Bluetooth

 download (7)You can use your Bluetooth headsets to control the camera of a smartphone remotely. All you need is a bluetooth headset that is paired with the smartphone. You can click the button on bluetooth headset to click the shutter button of camera app. It is a hack, it needs some practice of button combination.

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