Epom Announces Results Of Q2 2014

 Epom ad serving companyIt Voice News: Epom ad serving  company, an international provider of  digital ad management solutions, has  announced the Q2, 2014 results.

 The company has reported the following performance data: the general traffic volume has reached 120B impressions served monthly, and RTB traffic volume has exceeded 40B impressions per month. Epom has been showing positive dynamics of traffic growth, with the trend being even more evident for RTB advertising.

As Epom CTO, Mr. Rakytskyy, has noted, such a growth has been caused by the purchase of a number of fast, powerful servers, and an expansion of the list of corporate clients due to the platform’s increased rapidity and stability. “Our system architects and developers have tried their best to improve the efficiency of the Epom advertising platform, which will allow us to deliver high-quality service to every customer and partner we have. We are working to provide solutions for the most challenging requirements, and are looking forward to continuously improving the results,” Epom CTO claimed.

Along with the growth in productivity, Epom has also announced the release of a range of new features aiming to make ad serving process easier and more dedicated. The list of newly introduced functionality includes expanded desktop and mobile-specific targeting opportunities, additional ad optimization features, and upgraded APIs for certain client groups.

Epom CEO Mr. Anton Ruin has said that all the aforementioned improvements had been planned long ago as a part of the long-range product development strategy. “There is a list of major features in development, which will be implemented in Q3 & Q4, 2014. Some of them will be announced by Epom at the upcoming DMEXCO 2014 event at our booth, D-020 in Hall#6. We are excited to introduce the results of our work and are ready to impress our customers with top-quality scalable ad serving solutions,” he said.

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