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10 Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile CRM If It Wants to Grow

The world has gone mobile.

57 percent internet traffic now comes from smartphones and tablets.

This means your customers have upgraded. It’s time for you to upgrade in order to keep up with their expectations. It’s time for you to adopt not just any CRM, but a mobile CRM system.

Here are 10 reasons why a mobile CRM system will benefit your organization.

  1. Increased Accountability of Your Sales Team 

How much time do your sales reps spend in office? How easy is it for you to track their performance?

If your business doesn’t have a CRM, holding your sales team accountable becomes overwhelming. They rattle the same customer names over and over again when asked about their sales pipeline. Yet, orders don’t get closed.

If you confront them, they give excuses that you can see through. Yet, you cannot do anything and feel helpless.

A mobile CRM system can make your sales team toe in line. They can update activities on the go. They don’t have to reach office to update these details, or “forget” to make entries. You can track your team’s daily and weekly performance without being physically present at work.

A client who installed our CRM solution made a policy for his sales team: “If the details are not in the CRM, it didn’t happen.” The result was a 26 percent increase in turnover within two months.

Companies that use a mobile CRM see 65 percent more salespeople achieve their sales quota. Connect with us to know how our mobile CRM app can boost your sales performance.

  1. Providing Real-Time Information to Customers 

According to a survey, customer care leaders mentioned that while service quality is important, the response speed trumps all other aspects in customer service.

We live in the age of impatience, where customers expect responses to their queries within one hour. Yet, the average response time for most business is 12 hours.

This delay often occurs because the sales reps don’t have access to real-time information. By the time they arrive at office, they lose the order. More importantly, the business loses its credibility.

A mobile CRM system enables your teams to give customers real-time responses to enquiries, orders statuses, and so on. By providing faster and more accurate information, your teams can delight customers and close more deals.

No wonder 82 percent sales reps using a mobile CRM system claimed that it improved the quality of their data.

  1. A Single Repository for All Your Leads 

Exhibitions, social media, online and offline campaigns, third party portals, walk ins, phone calls, instant messages – customers can contact you through numerous sources.

How do you keep a tab of customer data and the status of follow ups?

If your answer is “We don’t,” you already know why you lose key clients to the competition. If you snooze, you lose.

A mobile CRM system enables your staff to capture and store customer data in real-time. You store all your data in a consolidated space tagged by source, and can track the speed of First Response Time (FTR) from your staff to your leads.

Organizations using mobile CRM apps witnessed a 74 percent increase in customer satisfaction due to faster response times. Quicker FTR with more accurate responses lead to closure of more deals

  1. Intelligent Analyses to Improve Your Business 

 A CRM solution is not just a data storage tool. It also provides intelligent analytics which you can use to improve business performance.

A CRM tool offers reports and intelligence on any aspect you want. Sales numbers, profitable customer segments, lead-to-sale Turnaround Time (TAT), and more. These easy-to-understand reports help you generate more leads, and build sales processes to close more deals.

Having these reports on a mobile device means you can study them at your convenience (you don’t have to be at work to do this).

Enjay’s mobile CRM solution makes all the information you need about your business’ performance available on your fingertips. Check it out here.

  1. An Increase in Repeat Orders 

In this age of cutthroat competition, customer relationships play a key role. According to a study, buyers rank trust as the single most influencing factor in a relation with a seller.

Satisfied customers give repeat orders. Unfortunately, most businesses fail to capitalize on this because they’re inefficient at keeping track for customer needs.

Is your business capable to stay connected with its customers and maintain long-lasting relations?

A mobile CRM system will make it capable.

Like I mentioned above, such systems provide insights and analyses. Some analyses help you track the customer buying cycle – purchase frequency, products purchased, and so on.

Using these insights, you can build an opportunity grid (link to September PR article – 5 Ways to Make Your Customers Purchase from You Again) and connect with customers before they place orders.

When customers see you as proactive, they trust that you have their best interests in mind. The result is increased orders and references, and reduction in marketing costs.

  1. Speedy Issue Resolution 

As I mentioned above, customers today expect responses within an hour. But due to lack of tracking mechanisms, businesses often take too long to respond, causing customer to churn.

A mobile CRM system lets you log customer complaints and track their statuses. Not just that, you can also track issue resolution TATs, common complaints and issues, and more.

Better customer service means happier customers, which means more business.

  1. Smoother Information Flow 

Has this happened to you?

Your sales reps called a customer for a repeat order only to get informed that the previous order didn’t get fulfilled. Or two sales reps called the same customer on the same day. Or a customer complained to you that his issue hasn’t been resolved for over a month.

A major challenge most organizations face is lack of information flow within. This doesn’t just irritate customers, it also leads to rework and time wastage for your staff.

A CRM software allows your team to capture information and make it visible to relevant stakeholders within your organization. The result? No mixed signals for customers, reduced time wasted in rework, and increased productivity.

  1. Enhanced Employee Productivity 

Rework is one factor for low employee productivity. Another major factor is the lack of knowledge among employees about what they need to do.

According to bestselling author Charles Duhigg, productivity is not about doing more things, but about doing a good job at things that matter without making many sacrifices along the way.

A mobile CRM system empowers your employees to access information on the go. It also doubles up as their to-do list, which they can use to track their efficiency and effectiveness. Your team doesn’t have to get tied-down to desks to do meaningful work anymore.

Research stated that employees using mobile devices for work get up to 240 additional hours for work – almost a whole month.

  1. Enhanced Data Security 

Data security and privacy are paramount in today’s times. Customers value their data as much as their own lives.

But with the advent of technology, data theft has become more rampant. Or at least, people have become aware about it.

A CRM software can alleviate this challenge in many ways.

One, modern CRM tools like Enjay’s CRM software come with multiple layers of security. Since it’s a cloud-based solution, the first level of security is handled at the cloud-level. The second level is offered by us. (Kindly correct this if I’ve not written it properly.)

Two, you can limit the visibility of information to your people. They get access only to as much information as they need, and sensitive information like payment details stay secure.

  1. Improved Return on Investment

The Forrester Group had polled 2,000 employees using a CRM. They found that when the system was properly integrated and optimally used, the RoI exceeded a whopping 245 percent!

Their research further highlighted that using a CRM application increased:

  1. 50 percent improvement in productivity of teams,

  2. 74 percent improvement in business relations,

  3. 40 percent reduction in customer service labor costs,

  4. 10 percent reduction in consultation time.

On the balance sheets, these numbers don’t translate into direct revenue. But this additional time and effort invested in productive tasks has a direct impact on your company’s topline and bottom line.

Summing Up 

Technology has taken the world by storm. It has made us progress in leaps and bounds. And it has changed the way we do business.

Trust, relationships, and information flow have high importance today. Use technology to make these aspects a priority in your business. The sky is the limit.