GIGABYTE Technology Revamps India Warranty Terms

Offers 3-Day TAT in Metro Cities, 7-Day TAT in non-Metro Cities

gigabyteIn an initiative to further improve its post-sales services across India, GIGABYTE Technology, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, has revamped its warranty terms with a focus on ensuring that every GIGABYTE motherboard end-customer gets faster and more efficient support.

As per the new policy, the company is offering a maximum 3-day Turnaround Time (TAT) in metro cities, and a 7-day TAT in non-metro cities as part its 3-year service warranty. Playing a major role in making these TATs possible are the recently set up GIGABYTE Exclusive Service Centers that also act as after-sales support hubs for their respective regions.

Dead on Arrival (DoA) Policy

If any GIGABYTE motherboard fails to work within 7 days from the purchase date, the company will replace it with a brand new piece. The following conditions apply to avail of this.

  • Original packing must be returned along with the defective motherboard
  • Original invoice should also be submitted with the motherboard
  • Motherboards with visible damages will not be accepted for the DoA service. However, it will be repaired and returned (RMA).
  • Products found to have no faults, will be returned without service charges.

GIGABYTE reserves the right to audit the invoice, and also to take legal action if the invoice is found to be fake / forged.

Return Material Authorization (RMA) Policy

If any GIGABYTE motherboard fails to work within 3 years from the date of manufacture, the company will offer repair / replacement service if there is no physical damage. If the product submitted is found to have no faults, it will be returned without any service charge.

Products not Covered Under the 3-Year Warranty Service

Motherboards with the following conditions are not eligible for the 3-year warranty service. However, chargeable service could be provided thereof.

  • Out of 3-year warranty
  • Original serial number sticker is removed
  • Product not used as per instructions mentioned in the User’s Manual
  • Repair attempted by non-GIGABYTE authorized service provider / repair center
  • Defects resulting from natural disasters
  • Motherboards showing signs of Customer Induced Damage (CID). For instance, PCB cracks, PCB bent, trace cut on PCB, among others.
  • Any defect due to product’s operating environment which is not conducive to the product.
  • Motherboard not purchased through GIGABYTE’s India authorized distributors. (Parallel import by non-GIGABYTE authorized distributors)