ZyXEL India lays down Foundation Stone of Grand ‘BirsaBhavan’ for Tribals under CSR



IT conglomerate ZyXEL lays down the Foundation Stone of the grand ‘Veer BirsaBhawan’ in the Binnaguri district ofWest Bengal, marking a robust launch of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in India. The great building is dedicated to the triabls of the land.

ZyXEL has planned to build up the Veer BirsaBhawan in Telepara – Hatkola area which is the tribal heartland in northern West Bengal (Himalayan foothills). This grand Bhawan or the community centre will constitute a temple, a strong library – with vast section on tribal history and culture, an extensive office complex, one information center – kiosk to eradicate knowledge and information poverty. The most remarkable feature will be the grand Community Hall. Along with this, the structure will also feature guest rooms on the ground floor, guest cottages and a lecture room.

The foundation stone laying ceremony was attended by thousands of local tribals, political leaders, NGOs and social workers. The ceremony was followed by tribal cultural programmes and speeches.

“We have arranged for a donor for the land to build this great building in the name of the freedom fighter and son of the soil – Veer Birsa Munda. The land belongs to an army officer and 1971 -War veteran Late Lt. Col. Amod Kumar Sinha,” informed Madhukar Swayambhu, Vice President – Sales.

Talking on ZyXEL’s CSR policy and urgent need to cater to the Tribals, Madhukar Swayambhu apprised, “India is a land of high economic disparity. And the worst suffered in the country are the tribals. Its time now for the industry to take the social causes seriously. We have taken the first step towards bringing in the change. We don’t wait for the change to happen; we rather have become the change we want to see.”

He said that a robust and thriving development sector is central to our country’s quest for equitable, inclusive and sustainable growth. Corporates too have been target of those perturbed by this uneven development and as a result, their contributions to society are under severe scrutiny.

“We do not believe in offering a cheque to philanthropists and NGOs. We are doing all these activities our own with strategy, system and thoughts,” said Swayambhu.

ZyXEL’s Channel Head, Sanket Kulkarni says, “A milestone in the direction of societal upliftment through industry participation is provided in the Companies Act 2013. CSR has become mandatory. But still not many companies practice it. Inequality and growing divide define our societies even today when we suppose ourselves as one of the largest economies of the world. Companies should not indulge in CSR for mere compliance with legislation, but it should be a dedicated effort. In our segment of IT industry, companies doing serious CSR very negligent in numbers.”

“A Delhi based architect has been appointed to look after the task,” says Madhukar Swayambhu. He also informs that ZyXEL has begun with its CSR and the drive will continue unabated; without deviation.


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