August 12, 2020

ZyXEL Launches ‘Chain of Events’ across India


Leading technology vendor ZyXEL India has sprung the country wide channel program from Chandigarh that will proceed to hold events, roadshows and related actions. It’s called – Arise, Awake and Achieve (AAA).

With the core philosophy to help changing the way SI & channel partners do business in India, ZyXEL organized a training program for the SI partners and product training & strategy formulation for the resellers of the state with the launch.


Establishing reasons behind ‘AAA’, ZyXEL’s Channel Head Sanket Kulkarni says, “Walking behind anyone with closed eyes is a kind of slavery not followership and this monotony is required to be broken. If we take a closer look of how business is being done in our channel & SI fraternity, we’ll realize that all the products being sold in the market today are the cheap versions of what sells in US & European Union. And not just cheap, they are sub-standard low technology products as well. Like if the US & EU is moving towards Gigabit wireless (Gi-Fi) for home users, our channel is still struggling with 150Mbps of wireless.”

Madhukar Swayambhu, Vice President – Sales, ZyXEL, apprises, “The consumer behavior & buying capacity has changed, resulting in making India, one of the largest consumer countries, but the channel wants work the same old way.”


“Similarly, if we look at the SI community – it’s also working in the same old mode. Everyone selling in the same switching routing solutions, whereas there are 10 other solutions which are more cost effective, stable & robust. Low on OPEX & CAPEX, high on ROI and low on TCO. But they are also struck to the same old philosophy.

He further mentions, “And then everyone cribs on the bottom line – the margin in business. If everyone sell the same old thing, then the only differentiator is the price, then why crib?”

“It’s like – there are two India’s in this India, one wants to break all the leash and take a leap, the other India – is the leash. One wants to lead, the other wants to follow,” says Sanket Kulkarni.

Looking at this scenario of the market, ZyXEL – India Chapter came up with this concept of “AAA”. The IT channel & SI fraternity of this country needs a campaign like – “jaago grahak jaago”. It needs a revolution to get awake. It needs another HSRA, to awaken the community and to make them realize that they can.

Sanket Kulkarni says that the campaign started from Chandigarh, has moved to Lucknow and eventually be covering the entire country. Next of the cards are – Jharkhand, Odisha, Kolkata, Assam and then moving to South – TN, Karnataka, Kerala, Seemandhra & Telangana and finally reaching West – Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Goa, Indore, Ahmedabad, Surat , Udaipur & Jaipur.