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Zomato introduces ‘shake to earn’ feature offering dining discounts

Zomato, a popular dining and food delivery platform, has introduced an innovative feature called “Shake it to make it,” aiming to enhance user experience and offer exciting dining discounts. This new feature allows users to unlock daily discounts of up to 50% off on dining by simply shaking their mobile devices. Available in major Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Chennai, the feature adds an interactive element to the dining experience, making it more engaging and rewarding for users.

By shaking their mobile devices, Zomato users can access the “Shake it to make it” feature on the Dining tab within the Zomato app. This feature is designed to provide users with savings while dining out and is part of Zomato’s efforts to offer exclusive offers and promotions to its customers. To showcase the innovative “shake” concept in real-time, Zomato organized an interactive offline event at Worldmark Gurgaon last month, further highlighting the company’s commitment to enhancing user engagement.

Zomato’s “Shake it to make it” feature aligns with the company’s goal of merging technology with exclusive offers to enhance the overall user experience. By leveraging mobile technology, Zomato aims to provide users with convenient access to discounts and promotions, making dining out more affordable and enjoyable. This feature reflects Zomato’s commitment to innovation and its ongoing efforts to stay ahead in the competitive food delivery market.

In addition to introducing user-friendly features like “Shake it to make it,” Zomato has made adjustments to its revenue strategy to improve its margins and push towards profitability. One significant change is the increase in the platform fee by 25%, bringing it to Rs 5 per order. The platform fee, which was initially introduced at Rs 2 per order, has seen gradual increments aimed at improving Zomato’s financial performance. Following a surge in food orders on New Year’s Eve, the platform fee was previously adjusted to Rs 4 in January.

Alongside these revenue adjustments, Zomato has announced the suspension of its Intercity Legends service, which offered inter-city food delivery. While this service was initially launched with ambitious goals, Zomato has decided to suspend it temporarily to make enhancements and improvements. The company plans to relaunch the service soon, ensuring a better experience for customers and maintaining its commitment to delivering quality service.

Overall, Zomato’s introduction of the “Shake it to make it” feature reflects its dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. By offering exciting discounts and promotions through this interactive feature, Zomato aims to enhance the dining experience for its users and differentiate itself in the competitive food delivery market. Additionally, Zomato’s strategic adjustments to its revenue model demonstrate its focus on financial sustainability and long-term growth, ensuring continued success in the ever-evolving food delivery industry.

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