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Zomato introduces a feature for customers to leave tips specifically for kitchen staff

Zomato, the well-known platform for food delivery and restaurant discovery, has introduced an innovative feature called ‘Tips for the Kitchen Staff.’ This new addition allows customers to express their gratitude and recognition for the restaurant’s kitchen team, which includes chefs, cleaners, and assistants.

Following the successful launch of an AI-powered personalized foodie companion chatbot, Zomato continues to enhance the dining experience by providing customers with the opportunity to appreciate the often unsung heroes behind their favorite dishes.

Customers can now express their affection and gratitude by leaving tips specifically for the kitchen staff. The entire tip amount, after any applicable tax deductions, will be transferred to the restaurant for equitable distribution among its staff. To participate in this program, restaurant management must commit to ensuring that the entire tip amount is fairly distributed among the kitchen staff.

This initiative builds on Zomato’s 2018 feature that allowed customers to tip delivery partners. ‘Tips for the Kitchen Staff’ aims to simplify the process of acknowledging and rewarding the hard work, expertise, and creativity of restaurant kitchen teams.

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